Coronation Street Faye and Ray rape

Coronation Street: Fans fear for Faye Windass after Ray Crosby gives her a promotion

Ray has a bad history with his female employees!

Coronation Street fans have been left fearing for Faye after Ray offered her a trainee manager position across his hotel and restaurant chain.

Earlier this week, Faye’s boyfriend Craig discovered Ray’s plans to build on top of the street. Although Craig tried to make out he didn’t see anything, he started asking Gary questions about building plans in the local area.

With Gary secretly working with Ray, he tipped him off that Craig had been asking questions.

Craig discovered Ray’s plans to build on top of the street (Credit: ITV)

In last night’s episode of Corrie (Wednesday, November 18) Faye decided to update her CV as she wanted to look around for a new job, thinking about her future.

As Faye went into work, Ray noticed she was dressed up nicely. When she told him she was looking for a new job, he offered to look over her CV and help her out.

Coronation Street Faye makes rape threat to Ray
Ray offered Faye the position of trainee manager (Credit: ITV)

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Later, Ray looked at Faye’s CV and offered her the position of trainee manager across his hotel and restaurant chain.

However, fans are worried about Faye as Ray hasn’t got a good history with his female employees and colleagues.

Coronation Street: Ray’s past with female colleagues

Last year, viewers saw Ray make moves on Michelle Connor, who was working for him at the time. But she warned him off.

Faye needs to be careful. Ray isn’t to be trusted.

Earlier this year, Abi, Bethany, Daniel and Alya exposed Ray’s predatory behaviour in the Bistro after discovering he had forced his female colleagues to sleep with him by threatening their jobs.

Craig’s concerns

Later Craig stopped by the Bistro to see Ray alone and questioned why he gave Faye that job.

Ray threatened Craig and Faye’s jobs (Credit: ITV)

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But Ray started threatening Craig. He told the police if his plans for the street became common knowledge, he would call Craig’s Chief Inspector and make sure he loses his job.

He also threatened to take away Faye’s new promotion. Will Craig tell people about Ray’s plans?

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