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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Coronation Street fans "disgusted" by "revolting" Gemma Winter

Her eating habits have got viewers switching off

Coronation Street viewers have been left feeling sick after watching Gemma Winter eating on screen.

Gemma has finally got together with Chesney and she's definitely making herself at home at his place.

In Wednesday night's episode (March 6) Ches returned home to find Gemma eating at his dining table and the place a complete tip.

Gemma's table manners leave a lot to be desired (Credit: ITV)

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She was shovelling food into her mouth with it all over her face, talking with her mouth full, and generally looking a bit disgusting.

Later in the episode, she was cutting her toenails while sitting next to him on the sofa, and the clippings went into Chesney's eyes.

Ches got an eyeful of Gemma's toenails (Credit: ITV)

Fans at home were not impressed and have had just about enough of Gemma, questioning just what Ches sees in her.

Writing on the DS Forum one began the thread by asking: "Does she have to be shoving food in her mouth and talking with her mouthful in every scene?

"Is it meant to be funny or endearing, because it's revolting."

Another quickly agreed: "Gemma eats like a pig at a trough! She had her meal all over the table and half her food splattered on her face. What on earth does Chesney see in her, he is such a neat wee fellow.

"I warmed to Gemma when she first arrived on the street but I now find her so annoyingly rude and she has the manners and eating habits of a pig," said a third.

Gemma put people off their food (Credit: ITV)

A fourth added: "I cringed tonight when she popped her head from behind the partition and said she hasn't had sex for whatever time it was. Do the producers think she is going to make us laugh?

"I know the actor can only work with what lines they have but they are ruining her."

"It's horrible to watch her shovelling food into her mouth and watching her eat it with her mouth open, horrible character and Chesney wouldn't look twice at her," said someone else.

Love her or hate her, there's no denying Gemma is a slob (Credit: ITV)

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Another wrote: "I can't stand the disgusting way she stuffs food into her mouth and talks at the same time. She behaves like a toddler, food all over the place including all over her face. If it's supposed to be funny and endearing, it's not in the least."

One very wound up viewer said: "Does she have any pride in herself? Who on earth eats like that and why does nobody tell her to grow up? It's not funny and for a prime time show it'd put me off my meals. If this is some petty move to wind viewers up well the joke's on you because the ratings will continue to dwindle because of Gemma. You won't be laughing if Corrie gets axed."

But not everyone was against her, one person wrote: "Gemma Winter is brilliant.

"She can stuff her gob in every episode."

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