Coronation Street fans devastated as Carla kicks Peter out

Looks like it's all over for the couple

Coronation Street fans felt devastated after Carla Connor kicked Peter Barlow out after he used her rape against her in a row.

The fan favourite couple look to be over after the vicious row about Abi Franklin.

Carla is devastated by Peter’s words (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Peter and Carla on Coronation Street?

Carla was upset after discovering Peter hadn’t told her about Abi making a pass at him – insisting she was strong enough to handle it.

And amid the row, Peter accused Carla of double standards because he hadn’t done anything with Abi – and he had “forgiven” Carla for sleeping with Jordan.

Fans will remember that Jordan actually raped Carla while she was in the grips of her psychotic breakdown.

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It was too much for Carla who, told him to get out – and fans were crushed.

One said: “My heart is breaking for Carla and Peter tonight. Alison King and Chris Gascoyne are amazing @itvcorrie.”

“Please don’t split them up, I love Carla and Peter,” said a second.

A third said: “My heart is breaking over Carla and Peter #corrie.

Coronation Street’s Chris Gascoyne speaks out over Carla and Peter split

Actor Chris Gascoyne has said he doesn’t know if the couple can make it because of their problems.

He said, as reported by Digital Spy: “They both said some awful things to each other. The breakdown in communication made them both say things they wish they hadn’t.

“There is no doubt that the love between these two people runs so deep. You can’t go through everything they have gone through without being bonded forever in some way.

Kevin got the wrong end of the stick about Peter and Abi (Credit: ITV)

“That doesn’t mean, though, that they are not going to have problems along the way. Their personal issues and addictions and their co-dependency is always going to flare up at times of stress and strain and they will make mistakes.

“Whether or not they can push through this and come out stronger remains to be seen. These are going to be very trying times – the fact that they both have so many demons can bond them, but it can also break them.”

He added: “In some ways he feels as though he is responsible for Carla and her wellbeing, so he wants to appear strong and in control. After everything she went through, he doesn’t want her to feel as though she has to worry about him.

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“The problem with that is that it makes it very difficult to have a full and honest relationship. When that breaks down, it lays bare what else is wrong with their relationship.

“They love each other but in some ways they are co-dependent and Peter can open up to Abi without any feelings of guilt or shame.”

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