Coronation Street fans convinced Nick Tilsley is the cobbles new killer

Fans have come up with a shocking theory

Coronation Street fans think they have uncovered the identity of the new cobbles super villain.

Boss Iain MacLeod recently revealed a familiar face will turn into an arch villain in Weatherfield and be responsible for the death of a beloved character.

Nick, Corrie (Credit: Corrie YouTube)
Is Nick the new Corrie supervillain? (Credit: ITV)

Fans have been speculating for weeks about who it could be and now they think they have worked it out unmasking the villain as none other than Nick Tilsley.

The theory suggests that Nick’s money troubles with his divorce will see him rob his grandmother Audrey before continuing his criminal activities.

A fan posted on DS Forums: “Is there anyone else who thinks that Nick is the one who actually swindles Audrey out of the 80k and not Lewis?

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“It’s been heavily speculated that Nick is the new super villain that MacLeod has spoken about being behind the factory roof collapse.

“What if we actually see the start of his treachery begin now? He’s never been a fan of Lewis or trusted him.

“Gail is already suspicious (which Nick knows all about) of Lewis, so what if Nick sees this as the perfect opportunity to get his hands on Audrey’s cash and somehow frame Lewis in the process based on his past form?

Is Nick going to take Audrey’s money and frame Lewis? (Credit: ITV)

“Let’s not forget that Nick has had his own financial troubles and has Elsa on his back to repay her the 40k that he stole from her.

“Lewis goes on a crusade to clear his name but dies before he can clear his name.

“Nick having 40k over would also tally with him and David going into business together with the new barber shop.”

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The shock theory was seconded by another fan who said the poster was “bang on” while third added: “I think your on the money with this theory.”

Others think Nick will team up with Gina Seddon as part of a new super villain couple on the cobbles.

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