Coronation Street fans believe newcomer Chelsey could end up in romance with David Platt

Fans are starting to come up with all kinds of theories surrounding Chelsey!

Coronation Street fans believe newcomer Chelsey could end up in a romance with David Platt.

Recently viewers were introduced to Chelsey – a woman who Carla met last year when she was living rough.

Chelsey came to the cobbles looking for Carla, claiming she flushed a grand’s worth of drugs down the toilet. Now she’s determined to get what Carla ‘owes’ her.

Chesley is trying to blackmail Carla (Credit: ITV)

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Although she is a part of Carla’s storyline, viewers seem to think she could end up having a romance with hairdresser David.

On a Digital Spy forum, viewers also seemed to have this theory.

One wrote: “She’s going to sleep with David, get pregnant and become enemies with Shona.”

Could there be a romance ahead for David and Chelsey? (Credit: ITV)

Adding to that one fan wrote: “So Platt will have another surrogate mum who will bounce him on her knee.”

Coronation Street: David and Shona

David is currently married to Shona. However she lost her memory earlier this year after falling into a coma and has failed to remember her husband.

Whilst David is holding on to hope that she will regain her memories, Shona is still struggling to remember anything from her life on the Street.

Coronation Street: Who is Chelsey?

This isn’t the first fan theory that Coronation Street viewers have had about Chelsey.

Recently viewers predicted that she is somehow related to Carla’s ex-husband, killer Tony Gordon.

Fans think Chelsey could be related to Tony (Credit: ITV)

Fans of the show will remember businessman Tony, who appeared on the soap on and off from 2007 until 2010.

He and Carla got engaged, but when he discovered she had been cheating on him with her former brother-in-law Liam, Tony planned Liam’s death.

Liam was later killed in a hit and run. As well as killing Liam, Tony attempted to kill Roy Cropper and Jed Stone.

Will Carla give Chelsey what she wants? (Credit: ITV)

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He died in 2010 after escaping prison. Tony set fire to the factory in an attempt to kill Carla and himself.

But Carla managed to escape and Tony died in the explosion. Could Chelsey have a connection to the cobbles already?

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