Coronation Street: Fans beg for Tim to kill Geoff as he destroys Sally’s garden

Tim turned his back on Geoff when he saw evidence Geoff has been abusing Yasmeen

Coronation Street fans have begged for Tim to kill his dad Geoff after he destroyed Sally’s garden.

After Tim and Faye discovered a video of Geoff abusing Yasmeen, they quickly turned against him. But as they continue to reject his attempts to get back in their good books, he’s set out to ruin any and all family plans they have.

In last night’s episodes (Wednesday, November 4) Sally, Tim, Faye and Debbie gathered in the garden at No.4.

But Geoff quickly came out and tried to ruin things by blasting Mr Boombastic and letting them think he peed in the hot tub.

Geoff started dancing to Mr Boombastic in the garden (Credit: ITV)

Tim soon became fed up with his dad and chucked a bucket of water over Geoff.

Not long later, Debbie went round to No.6 and told Geoff how Sally had been slagging him off.

But when she went back round to No.4, she told them she seemed to smooth things over. However they were soon interrupted by a loud crashing coming from the garden.

As thy went outside, Geoff was in the garden with a spade destroying Sally’s furniture, including her new chimenea.

Geoff went in the garden with a spade and started destroying Sally’s furniture (Credit: ITV)

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Geoff yelled: “I just wish Yasmeen had finished the job whilst she had the chance” referring to when she stabbed him in the neck, acting in self defence.

But Tim responded: “Yeah? You and me both.”

Taken aback, Geoff said: “Oh is that so? Well I tell you what Tim, here’s your chance. Do it. Finish what she started. Go on. Come on. What are you waiting for? Just do it!”

Although Tim didn’t attack his dad, viewers were begging for the taxi driver to kill his abusive dad.

Coronation Street: What’s next for Sally and Tim?

After some encouragement from Debbie, Sally got the idea that she wanted to put the house on the market.

Later this week, Sally tells Abi about her plans to sell the property and move leaving Abi concerned.

Debbie began to stir things between Geoff, Sally and Tim (Credit: ITV)

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When Sally tells Debbie she’s been offered the full asking price for No.4, she urges her to take it.

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