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Coronation Street fans baffled as Fiz accepts Phill’s proposal

Fiz found out Phill's secret

Coronation Street fans were left baffled as Fiz very quickly forgave Phill and accepted his proposal.

Earlier this week Fiz discovered that Phill had been planning to write a book on her late serial killer husband, John Stape.

Heartbroken, she ended their relationship. But in last night’s episode (Wednesday, May 25) she very quickly forgave him and accepted his proposal.

But fans have all been left saying the same thing. n

Corrie Furious Hope gets in the digger as Phill tries to talk her down
Hope destroyed Phill’s car (Credit: ITV)

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Coronation Street: Fiz finds out Phill’s secret

Fiz and her daughters Hope and Ruby recently moved in with new boyfriend Phill Whittaker.

In Monday’s episode (May 23) Hope stayed home with Phill and when she was on his laptop she found something that left her angry.

Hope took revenge on Phill by using the mini-digger to damage his car windscreen.

When Fiz and her ex Tyrone arrived, Tyrone took Hope back to his.

Tyrone, who has been a father figure to Hope, tried to find out why she damaged Phill’s car.

She soon admitted to Tyrone she knew that her biological dad, John, killed people and did bad things.

When Tyrone told Fiz what Hope had found out, she questioned Phill.

Phill admitted he began gather notes on John Stape so he could write a book from Fiz’s perspective nad Hope must’ve found them.

Fiz was furious and ended her relationship with Phill.

Coronation Street Phill and Tyrone fall into the wet cement after their fight and Phill searches for an engagement ring
Tyrone helped Phill find the engagement ring (Credit: ITV)

Fans baffled as Fiz accepts Phill’s proposal

In last night’s episode, Tyrone went round to Phill’s to pick up Fiz’s belongings.

While he was there he got into a row with Phill and they ended up falling into the wet cement on the patio.

Phill ended up losing his grandmother’s engagement ring in the cement.

Tyrone helped him find it and Phill admitted wanted to say goodbye to Fiz properly.

Tyrone told him he would find someone else and would talk to Fiz to see if Phill could say goodbye.

Later Tyrone and Phill turned up at No.9.

Phill apologised to Fiz and told her it was killing him to say goodbye.

Coronation Street Fiz is stunned when Phill gets down on one knee and proposes
Phill proposed to Fiz (Credit: ITV)

Fiz then called Phill back and it was clear she was willing to try and forgive him.

Phill then got down on one knee and proposed.

When Tyrone and Evelyn returned home, they were shocked when Fiz and Phill walked out and announced their engagement.

Tyrone congratulated them, hiding his heartbreak.

However fans were left baffled that Fiz accepted Phill’s proposal so quickly after breaking up with him.

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