Coronation Street fan theory suggests Scott is Carla’s uncle

Scott has a past with Johnny Connor - but what is it?

A new Coronation Street fan theory has suggested that Scott Emberton is Carla’s uncle and potentially Johnny’s brother.

A few weeks ago, viewers were introduced to this new character from Johnny’s past. As Johnny heard of Scott’s arrival on the Street, he made sure he and Jenny were going to be away for the duration of his stay by booking a trip to France.

But since Johnny has been gone, Carla has been running the pub and Scott seems to have got friendly with her. He revealed to the former businesswoman that he once worked with Johnny and even knew of her mum, Sharon.

Scott threw Jordan out of the pub when he heard what he was doing to Carla (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile, Carla has been facing troubles with two people from her past, who tried to blackmail her.

But as Scott stepped in to help, viewers are beginning to wonder if he is related to Carla. On Twitter fans suggested that perhaps he is her uncle or one of her mum’s ex-boyfriends.

On a Digital Spy forum, one fan also suggested that Scott is Johnny’s brother, making him Carla’s uncle.

One wrote: “But why would he care so much? A possible brother of Johnny, therefore being Carla’s uncle and trying to fill the role of protective father (family sticks together right?)”

Another popular theory is that Scott is Carla’s biological father. However viewers have been quick to point out that a DNA test once proved Johnny is Carla’s dad.

Scott and Johnny theories

Other theories have included that Scott and Johnny once had an affair or that Johnny once had an affair with Scott’s wife.

Fans have come up with many theories about Scott and Johnny (Credit: ITV)

Viewers also speculated that the two were once involved in crime together. Scott has confirmed he and Johnny previously worked together – could it have been dodgy business?

A connection to Chelsey and Jordan?

Recently Chelsey and Jordan tried to blackmail Carla. They told her if she didn’t give them a grand, they would reveal she slept with Jordan for a place to stay.

Could Scott be connected to Chelsey and Jordan? (Credit: ITV)

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During a scene, viewers noticed Scott listening into Carla and Chelsey’s conversation. This left them wondering if he is involved with them.

However Carla ended up standing up to them and announced to the pub what they were trying to do to her. The two troublemakers were thrown out of the Rovers by Scott and Abi.

But later it was in the newspaper that Chelsey and Jordan were assaulted. Who was behind the assault?

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