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Coronation Street fan theory: Corey murdered – and here are the 5 suspects!

Corey killed Seb

Coronation Street fans have a theory Corey is going to be murdered after being found not guilty for Seb’s murder.

Earlier this year, Seb Franklin and Nina Lucas were attacked by Corey Brent, Kelly Neelan and their friends.

Corey kicked Seb while Kelly begged him to stop. Later Seb died from his injuries and Corey pinned the blame on Kelly, claiming she kicked Seb to death.

Corey and Kelly stand over Seb's lifeless body in Coronation Street
Corey killed Seb (Credit: ITV)

Recently Kelly and Corey went on trial for Seb’s murder. However Corey was found not guilty and Kelly was found guilty.

Coronation Street Corey murder theory

However fans have come up with a theory that someone on the cobbles will get revenge on Corey by killing him, but who do they think will be responsible?

Coronation Street Corey murder theory: The suspects

Abi Franklin

Abi is Seb’s mother and was heartbroken when he died.

Recently actress Sally Carman revealed that Abi will be leaving the cobbles for a short while, but she will return and go after revenge.

Abi will set out for revenge (Credit: ITV)

When asked what Abi has planned, Sally said to Entertainment Daily and other media: “It’s lifechanging and all of those things. But it’s like she’s being driven by a force she can’t stop and it’s slightly out of her hands as well because she has to do what she’s going to do.”

Speaking about filming Abi’s return and the upcoming scenes, Sally said: “It’s ridiculous. It’s outrageous and it was such good fun. I don’t know how much I can say.”

She added: “Stunts galore. It’s been so much fun and it’s one of those storylines as an actor that you just go ‘oh come on, let’s have it.’ So it was brilliant.”

However fans are convinced Abi will kill Corey.

Simon Barlow

Will Simon go after Corey? (Credit: ITV)

Simon, who is good friends with Kelly, was furious when Kelly was found guilty and Corey was let off.

Fans have a theory that he could be the one to kill Corey.

Coronation Street Corey murder theory: Nina Lucas

Would Nina hurt Corey? (Credit: ITV)

Nina and Seb were dating when they were attacked and was hoping Corey would be found guilty for Seb’s murder.

Fans also think she could go after Corey.

Imran Habeen

Imran is Kelly’s foster dad (Credit: ITV)

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Imran is Kelly’s foster father and solicitor. He was determined to help her and prove that she didn’t hurt Seb.

But after the trial, fans think he could go after revenge on Corey.

Gary Windass

Gary has killed before (Credit: ITV)

Back in 2019 Gary killed Kelly’s father, loan shark, Rick.

Shortly after killing him, Gary found out Rick had a teenage daughter.

While Kelly has no idea that Gary killed Rick, she has had her suspicions that he had some involvement in her dad’s death.

However Gary feels guilty and has tried to keep an eye on Kelly, even anonymously donating money to help with her case.

But fans think Gary could go after Corey as revenge for pinning Seb’s death on Kelly.

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