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Tuesday 4th August 2020

Coronation Street: David horrified as he finds indecent pictures on Max's phone

Its an awful turn of events

Coronation Street will see David Platt left horrified next week when he finds indecent images of Asha Alahan on his son Max's phone.

The hairdresser will be sickened with Max when he finds the images of Asha's video.

David is horrified by what he finds on Max's phone (Credit: ITV)

Viewers know evil Kelly sent Asha's video from boyfriend Corey's phone to a group chat out of petty malice.

But David will have no idea of that when he finds the evidence on schoolboy Max's phone.

And worst still - knowing what he's seen David has no alternative but to speak to Dev causing a devastating realisation for Asha.

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She is left sickened when her dad asks her about it and she realises that not only did Corey record her - but that everyone she knows has seen it.

After discovering everyone has seen her video, Asha hopes she can hide at home.

But oblivious Dev has other ideas and sends her and Aadi to go and join Mary's youth volunteering group.

Asha is horrified by what's happened (Credit: ITV)

But while clearing up Victoria Gardens, Asha feels self conscious when she sees a group of lads staring at her.

With the boys having clearly seen her video, Amy, Kelly and Summer try to comfort their friend.

But Asha's brother Aadi is fuming and lashes out at the lads.

Mary is horrified as a fight breaks out, but she is powerless to break up the brawl.

Asha is horrified when her clip goes viral

Viewers know evil Kelly shared the clip (Credit: ITV)

But things only get worse for Asha when she is the sent a link to a porn site and she realises someone has uploaded her video.

As a devastated Asha heads to the cafe, Corey finds her and apologises to her for recording her without her consent.

And later when Dev confronts her again Asha opens up about what happened, and Dev realises how much she's hurting and his heart breaks as he holds his sobbing daughter.

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Asha is adamant that she doesn't want her dad to tell anyone else and Dev reluctantly agrees.

But when Aadi reveals that the video is on the internet, Dev sees red and goes straight to the police.

Will the police manage to work out who betrayed Asha by sharing the video?

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