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Coronation Street: 4 couples that need to split

These couples just don't work and need to split

Coronation Street has some of the most iconic couples in soapland.

However even the nation’s number one soap makes the odd mistake – and these couples are indeed odd mistakes.

Here are four Corrie couples who just don’t cut the mustard and need to split.

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Daisy and Daniel

All it took to get these two back together was for Nicky to randomly move out of Daniel‘s flat.

There was no big conversation, no renewal of their alleged relationship – just a casual comment that confirms they are back together.

Let’s be clear here – Romeo and Juliet they are not. Though frankly that wouldn’t be a bad outcome for them.

They seem to have been thrown together just to give the actors something to do.

Surely there’s more to life than settling in an overcrowded backstreet flat above a corner shop?

Beth and Kirk

It is fair to say that they are two of the most pointless characters in Coronation Street history.

And together it’s like they have Wonder Twin powers of awfulness.

She spends most of her time being vile to other people and he doesn’t even realise that dressing up as a bee isn’t a personality trait.

The only way to make these two bearable again is to split them up – and save us all.

Coronation Street Fiz is stunned when Phill gets down on one knee and proposes
Don’t say yes! (Credit: ITV)

Fiz and Phill

We’re just meant to accept that Phill could betray Fiz by writing a book on her killer husband and she would just forgive him?

It’s a nice house no doubt but Fiz has never been Sally Metcalfe for crying out loud.

She doesn’t care about a posh house! And by the sound of it neither do viewers.

At least with Tyrone Fiz wasn’t a simpering mess. Now she’s barely human, let alone a Corrie icon in the making.

Kevin cuddles a distraught Abi
Split them up, don’t get them back together (Credit: ITV)

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Abi and Kevin

He’s still in love with her despite everything, and she’s still in love with him.

Does anyone have any idea why?

She’s a hopeless drug addict who self-implodes every couple of months causing untold chaos and devastation, and he’s the part owner of a backstreet garage with a cheating history.

Hardly love’s young dream.

Just end it, PLEASE.

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