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Monday 30th March 2020

Coronation Street clears up confusion over Gemma's baby name

Is it Cleo or isn't it?

When Gemma Winter gave birth to quads in Coronation Street last month, she and partner Chesney Brown shocked everyone when they gave the little ones Welsh names.

Because she and Chesney had been in Llandudno when the babies made their dramatic arrival into the world, the couple decided to name the tots after the medical team who helped deliver them safely.

Bryn, the surgeon, Carys and Aled the paramedics, and 'Cleo' the midwife.

Gemma has named her kids after the medical staff who helped her (Credit: ITV)

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But it turns out Cleo is actually spelt 'Llio'.

During Monday night's (November 11) outing to Weatherfield, Gemma and Chesney were approached by supermarket Frescho wanting them and the quads to be the face of their new marketing campaign.

The show put out a tweet asking whether it was a good idea - but they left some fans baffled over the name Lilo.

One quickly replied asking: "Thought it was Clio?!"

The soap came back and explained the name is spelt 'Llio', but is actually pronounced similarly to 'Clio'.

But others were still confused, with one saying: "Has Cleo changed to Llio now? Poor kid will be confused!"

Another added an explanation as to why the babies had Welsh names, but also pointed out they too thought Llio was spelt Cleo.

ED! contacted the Coronation Street press office, who confirmed that the baby's name is in fact spelt 'Llio', with the pronunciation sounding like 'Cleo'.

Case solved!

Gemma gave birth last month in typically hilarious fashion - stuck in a cable car in Wales!

She had one baby, Aled, up in the air, and was rushed to hospital before the other three came along.

The babies have had to stay in hospital in Wales, meaning Gemma and Chesney have been living in a hotel.

Will Gemma rethink Freshco's offer? (Credit: ITV)

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Last night they found out they could come home as a place had become available at Weatherfield General for all four tots.

But they were hit by a £500 bill from the hotel after Bernie raided the mini bar in their room.

Having initially turned down Frescho's offer, Gemma and Chesney might now be forced to rethink if they're going to provide for their little ones.

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