Coronation Street's Geoff attacked by Yasmeen

Coronation Street resident Carla predicted Yasmeen ‘killing’ Geoff Metcalfe

Weatherfield should be asking Carla to pick their lottery numbers

Coronation Street resident Carla Connor predicted Yasmeen Nazir ‘killing’ abusive husband Geoff Metcalfe.

In Friday night’s episode Yasmeen was forced to defend herself against Geoff when he attacked her with a knife.

Coronation Street’s Geoff was slashed by terrified wife Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

She smashed him over the head with it and then stabbed him in the neck with the broken bottle to get him to stop his ceaseless abuse.

But one scene had fans convinced Carla is psychic after she complimented Yasmeen’s ‘killer dress’.

Viewers know that Geoff forced Yasmeen to wear the dress he had bought for a prostitute out in public for a dinner, leaving her humiliated.

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She was forced to wear it to the Rovers and Carla tried to boost her confidence by paying her the compliment.

“Ooh killer dress, Yasmeen,” Carla said as she walked to the bar.

Fans are convinced it was foreshadowing of Yasmeen clonking abusive Geoff around the head and stabbing him in the next with a broken wine bottle.

One said: “Carla said ‘killer dress Yasmeen’ to Yasmeen in the rovers and then she literally attempted to kill him hours later in the dress #corrie Clever script writing!”

A second said: “Killer dress, Yasmeen.” Nice line from Carla…:: #corrie”

A third said: “Carla saying ‘KILLER dress yasmeen’ we love a foreshadow #corrie”

What did Yasmeen do?

Controlling Geoff pushed Yasmeen too far in last night’s episode (Friday, May 2) and ended up stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle.

He had starved her for days and left her humiliated in front of their friends and neighbours.

Throwing chips at her, he said: “Do you want a chip, little doggy? Have another, have another. Fetch!

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“Those escorts could show you a thing or two. That’s right, escorts – plural. They’re all about the buzz and the banter. Don’t stand there feeling sorry for yourself you bony old bore. You drove me to it.”

Grabbing a knife, he added: “Maybe I should kill you – do the world a favour.”

And after dragging her home and pushing her to breaking point, he advanced on her with a knife terrifying her.

In her haze and hearing nothing but abuse and threats, Yasmeen grasped for a wine bottle and stopped him leaving him for dead.

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