Coronation Street: Carla and Peter need to split, fans beg

Carla and Peter recently got back together

Coronation Street fans are begging for Carla and Peter to split up, claiming the couple has been ruined.

In December last year, Peter discovered Carla had cheated on him with his nephew Adam.

Recently the couple got back together and Peter has been struggling with his alcohol relapse.

But this week, Peter was fearful Carla spent the night with her former flame Lucas, when she was actually staying with her stepmum Jenny.

Carla told Peter she went to a business meeting. But at the last minute changed her plans to be with her stepmum (Credit: ITV)

In last night’s episode (Wednesday, February 24) Peter confronted Carla and accused her of spending the night with Lucas.

But she revealed that Sarah ended up going to her business meeting instead as she spent the night with Jenny and Daisy in the Rovers.

She assured her boyfriend that she loves him but said she couldn’t hep but wonder if she was the one driving him to drink.

Coronation Street: Fans beg Carla and Peter to split

Peter accused Carla of cheating. But she was with Jenny and Daisy (Credit: ITV)

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They reflected on everything they had been through, but fans have begged the couple to split up, saying the show has ruined them as a couple.

Coronation Street recently posted a picture of Carla to their Instagram account and fans were also quick to comment they weren’t happy with the storyline.

One fan wrote: “I am tired of this story. The scriptwriters need to find a less naïve way of people finding things out. It always seems to be a conversation overheard or a massive lie and life isn’t like that. So amateurish.”

A second said: “These two are doing my head in now.”

A third added: “He’s dragging her down, she doesn’t need this.”

What’s next for Peter and Carla in Coronation Street?

In next week’s scenes, Leanne discovers her and Peter’s son Simon has been dealing drugs.

A desperate Leanne goes to Carla and tells her Simon is going off the rails and she needs to talk to Peter.

Carla promises to help but doesn’t want Peter involved.

Carla warns Jacob to back off Simon. But will he listen? (Credit: ITV)

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Carla confronts Jacob, the lad who got Simon dealing, and warns him to back off?

Will he listen and will Peter find out what his son has been up to?

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