Coronation Street fans vow to boycott soap if it doesn’t end Geoff storyline

They can't bear to watch anymore

Viewers of Coronation Street have vowed to boycott the ITV soap if it doesn’t end the Geoff Metcalfe coercive control storyline.

Millions of fans have watched in horror as the vile bully has subjected his wife Yasmeen Nazir to months of abuse behind closed doors.

Geoff has been manipulating Yasmeen for months (Credit: ITV)

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The Speed Daal worker has been hammering at Yasmeen’s confidence, calling her names and leaving her feeling insecure.

He’s played mind games with her – trying to persuade her she’s an alcoholic, isolating her from her friends and family, locking her in a box even though she’s claustrophobic – and even killed her pet chicken in extremely distressing scenes.

Soap fans have grown to hate the former hospital DJ, who seemed so harmless when he first arrived in Weatherfield.

Geoff arrived in Weatherfield exactly two years ago (Credit: ITV)

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The dad of Tim, Geoff has slowly shown his true colours – with only Yasmeen’s grandaughter Alya beginning to suspect his true nature.

I wish we could all stick together and boycott the show if it is set to continue.

This week, Alya acts on her suspicions and reports Geoff to the police.

After discovering that Geoff is selling their share of Speed Daal so that he and Yasmeen can move abroad, Alya is shocked at the thought of her gran moving so far away.

Geoff and Alya
Alya has seen a glimpse of Geoff’s true colours (Credit: ITV)

While Geoff is loving the control he has got over his wife, it’s clear that Yasmeen doesn’t want to be away from her family, but she puts on a brave face to keep Geoff happy.

Alya is horrified by the situation and tries to make Yasmeen see that Geoff is controlling her.

Soon she is grabbing a bag and shoving her gran’s clothes into it, begging her to leave her abusive husband.

With Yasmeen refusing to listen, Alya takes drastic action and heads to the police station to report her gran’s husband.

Geoff made Yasmeen eat her pet chicken (Credit: ITV)

Viewers desperately want Geoff to be exposed, murdered or thrown behind bars – anything for the disturbing plot to end.

Writing on Coronation Street ITV Facebook fan page, one said: “Coronation Street, we love what you do but please stop this Geoff abuse now.

“I wish we could all stick together and boycott the show if it is set to continue. Yes it opens up the eye to those who are going through it or have been through it, but enough is enough!”

Another agreed replying: “This storyline has been going on since last year, I can’t watch it anymore, I have been though domestic violence myself. The problem with all these shows is they like to drag on storylines to the point where it gets unbearable to watch anymore.”

Coronation Street fans sickened as Geoff tries to force Yasmeen to eat a crab shell
Coronation Street fans were sickened when Geoff tried to force Yasmeen to eat a crab shell (Credit: ITV)

A third said: “If it was just this one storyline that would be okay, but it’s so many doom and gloom storylines in Corrie, it’s depressing.”

“I’ve stopped watching the Street and EastEnders. Emmerdale is heading that way as well,” said another, while one more said: “It’s a good storyline but needs to end.”

However others said the storyline is realistic, with one writing: “It’s not a thing you can make short though. Abusers like him do it over time, gradually getting worse, so it’s subtle. You can’t wrap this up in a few weeks.”

Another said: “I’m glad they are showing the reality. It’s hard to watch but domestic violence doesn’t stop after a few days. They play their parts very well and if it encourages just one person to have courage to escape their own situation then it’s done its job.”

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