Coronation Street: Nick Tilsley’s secret love child revelation teased by boss?

Nick is facing losing his stepson Oliver

Coronation Street boss Iain Macleod has dropped a huge hint Natasha Blakeman is returning with Nick Tilsley’s love child.

The ITV soap announced Natasha would be returning to the soap later this year after a decade-long absence.

Nick is in for a major shock when Natasha returns (Credit: ITV)

And fans were quick to think her comeback would involve the reveal that she was pregnant when she left.

Now Corrie’s executive producer Iain Macleod has seemingly all but confirmed the theory of the lovechild.

Speaking at a Zoom press conference to Entertainment Daily and other media, he said: “I love the Leanne/Oliver/Steve story.

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“It’s incredibly moving and it powers momentum from September to the end of the year. That has tentacles of storylines and colossal ripples across the street.

“There are interesting stories that come out of that – Nick’s secret from the past that could de-rail his relationship with Leanne.

“There’s a huge story for Simon and Leanne with huge momentum into next year and there’s a big story for Steve and Tracy too, as you’d expect.”

Coronation Street: Natasha Blakeman returns

Natasha is set to run into Nick at the hospital where his stepson Oliver is being treated in next week’s episodes.

Fans have gone into overdrive convinced that it means Natasha was pregnant when she was run out of town by the Platts.

Viewers will remember that she terminated one pregnancy by Nick and then was desperate to fall pregnant again.

Does Natasha return with a child? (Credit: ITV)

One said: “Omg u was actually thinking Natasha should return with Nick’s child! That would be good!”

A second said: “Maybe Natasha ended up having Nick’s baby after all and comes back with his child. Obviously the child wants to meet their real dad.”

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A third said: “If Natasha does return with Nick’s child I’d actually be so on board for that.

“I’m not a fan of Nick whatsoever but I think it’d be really interesting to see him with his own child and how he’d handle it. I think it’d add a whole new dynamic to his character which I’m here for.”

What do you think of Nick having a lovechild?

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