Coronation Street: Antony Cotton explains how everyone fits into Eileen’s house

Eileen's house always seems to be full

Coronation Street star Antony Cotton, who plays Sean Tully, has how everyone fits in Eileen’s house.

Over the years, Eileen has had many different people living in her house.

Currently, there are at least four people living in Eileen’s house. This includes Eileen herself, Eileen’s son Todd and her lodgers Mary Taylor and Sean. And as of tonight’s episode (Friday, October 22) Sean’s son Dylan will be staying with them.

Eileen usually rents out her rooms (Credit: ITV)

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As Eileen’s house always seems to be full of people living there, it has left viewers wondering just how big the house is, comparing it to Dr Who’s Tardis.

Coronation Street: Antony explains Eileen’s house

However, actor Antony, has now explained how everyone fits into Eileen’s home.

When asked how Sean feels about bringing Dylan to stay at Eileen’s, the actor told Entertainment Daily and other media: “Well he’s worried about the sleeping arrangements as in who’s going to fit where.

“And Eileen’s house is a Tardis so I’m just going to explain how the house works. Sean lives in the front parlour. And up north they use to have a front parlour because they never had a toilet. So they’d have a front parlour, which was an extra room.

Dylan is coming to stay with his dad (Credit: ITV)

“Now some people would have it as a parlour, some people would have it as a bedroom because there wasn’t a toilet upstairs, because they’d have two up, two down and one out the back.

“So Sean has always been in the front parlour and we’re saying that upstairs there is three bedrooms. So there is room. Although it does appear like a madhouse when you’ve each room sleeping with two people in.

“But as the old Northern saying goes, ‘the best house is a full house.'”

Eileen has lived in No.11 since 2001 (Credit: ITV)

He continued: “Initially because there’s Mary, Todd’s come back, Eileen’s there, potentially somebody else maybe upstairs and Sean’s down at the front, so it is a bit of a case of ‘well we’re just kind of making do for the moment’.

“So that’s why he’s a bit angsty because he’s worried about where everybody’s going to be and he obviously wants Dylan to be comfortable and for him to have his own room.”

“So that’s his temporary worry whilst he’s here over the couple of weeks over half term. Eventually we’ll make proper provision for where everybody’s going to be.”

Coronation Street: Antony wants Sean and Dylan to stay with Eileen

However, despite Eileen’s house always having a lot of people coming and going, Antony explained he would like Sean and Dylan to stay there.

“But Eileen’s house has always been a madhouse and when Tony Wood first wrote Sean into the show, he wanted Eileen’s house to be absolutely filled with misfits coming and going here and there.

Mary also lives in No.11 (Credit: ITV)

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“Because that’s how you tell stories by people coming and going and I’m hoping that will remain. I’m hoping nobody will move out.

I’m hoping it will be me, Eileen, maybe somebody else, Todd and Mary and Dylan, we’re all in this house around a tea table all rowing about this, that and the other.”

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