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Coronation Street and Emmerdale stars ‘worried about being axed’

It's all change at the soaps

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Coronation Street and Emmerdale stars are reportedly concerned about getting the chop during the period of scaled down production.

The soaps have announced they will resume filming on a reduced schedule over the coming weeks.

Emmerdale is back in production with a skeleton staff (Credit: ITV)

However actors are said to be worried that the reduced number of episodes will mean some of them will not be able to make ends meet with their potentially reduced fees.

Stars on the soap take home between £400 and £2000 per episode they appear in.

The number of episodes they are guaranteed to appear in is dependent on their contracts.

And some younger cast members rely on extra episodes to top up their salaries.

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But with social distancing rules meaning fewer actors will appear in episodes in an already reduced number of episodes, they are worried about their finances.

According to The Sun some have begun desperately calling showbiz agents asking for extra work they can do outside the soap.

They want to take on extra work to off-set their potential income drop.

A celeb agents reveals Coronation Street and Emmerdale stars have called

One celebrity agent said to the publication: “I’ve had several people on from Emmerdale – famous names who are very worried.

“These are people who’ve been in the show for years and they were apprehensive for the future.

“Inevitably, the cast call will be far lower for each scene meaning people will be left at home and not getting paid.

Fewer cast and crew will be on set (Credit: ITV)

“They also think that the longer this goes on the more ITV will realise they don’t need so many people on the cast so when contracts come up for renewal, some people just won’t have theirs renewed.

“I’ve had two big name stars on asking for work – anything they said. Voiceovers, reality TV, doing collabs on Instagram. I know the Corrie cast have the same fears, too.”Entertainment Daily has contacted reps for comment.

Entertainment Daily has contacted reps for comment.

When do the soaps resume filming?

Emmerdale is the first soap to announce it is back in production.

The soap has already shot two episodes of six special lockdown episodes.

The episodes will feature 13 cast members and will bridge the gap between already shot episodes and newly produced eps.

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Corrie will follow next next month, while EastEnders has announced plans to resume filming in late June.

Meanwhile, Hollyoaks is yet to announce its plans.

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