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Coronation Street and Emmerdale fans fed up with soap police

The line of questioning against Yasmeen wasn't welcomed

Coronation Street and Emmerdale fans are getting fed up with how the ITV soaps are portraying the police force.

Both soap episodes last night centred around police dealings as Coronation Street saw Yasmeen Metcalfe arrested for assaulting husband Geoff, and in Emmerdale DI Malone attempt to arrest Cain and Billy after setting them up.

What happened with the police in Coronation Street?

After Friday’s dramatic episode in which Yasmeen stabbed her husband Geoff following months of domestic abuse, Yasmeen called 999 and told them she had killed her husband.

Coronation Street Yasmeen Credit: ITV
Yasmeen said she’d killed her husband in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

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As paramedics and police descended on the house, a clearly shocked Yasmeen struggled to talk coherently.

She was arrested and taken to the police station where Imran was waiting to represent her.

As DS Abney fired questions at her, it was clear Yasmeen was in shock and wasn’t able to process what had happened.

DS Abney wasn’t exactly sympathetic to Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

After several attempts Imran managed to stop the questioning so he could consult with Yasmeen privately. He advised her to stop talking and trust him “otherwise you’re finished.”

Fans at home were furious with the way the police behaved, insisting they wouldn’t have been so aggressive and also reminding that Yasmeen had been in touch with them herself under Clare’s Law.

What happened with the police in Emmerdale?

Meanwhile over in Emmerdale, DI Malone had set Cain and Billy up for a bust.

He’d sent them out on a drugs job, only to swoop in and try to arrest them himself.

Malone’s plan was foiled in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

But Cain had been one step ahead and the police didn’t find anything in the car, meaning they were free to go.

Furious Malone blamed Will, assuming he tipped Cain and Billy off, before having him beaten up.

The Emmerdale corrupt cops just aren’t hitting the mark, and fans watching both soaps quickly called out how the police were being portrayed.

What are fans saying?

Will the Coronation Street and Emmerdale police improve?

It’s not set to get any better any time soon, either, as Yasmeen finds herself charged on Wednesday (May 6).

Next week, she attends her bail hearing, but with the evidence stacked against her, will she walk free?

Yasmeen faces court (Credit: ITV)

In the Dales, Harriet is about to find out what’s been going on with Will, Malone, Cain and Billy.

Railing at Will for putting his family in danger, she shares harsh words leaving him devastated.

And when she confronts Malone, a past is revealed between them that we had no idea about.

Malone and Harriet have a past history (Credit: ITV)

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Malone begs her not to grass him up, promising to leave everyone in the village alone, but will upstanding Harriet listen?

Does this mean the end of Malone?

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