Coronation Street first look week 49 Fiz, Adam, Summer

Coronation Street: All the spoilers you need ahead of next week’s episodes

Max unleashes his fury, devastating Summer

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Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Max unleashes his anger, leaving Summer devastated and Daniel fighting to clear his name.

Elsewhere, Kelly makes an accusation and Tyrone defends Fiz.

Also, Sarah has some news for Adam…

All this and more in new Coronation Street spoilers.

1. Max lashes out at Daniel

Believing he has found evidence of Daniel and Summer’s relationship, Max gets drunk and confronts Daniel at the Ice Ball.

He accuses Daniel of taking advantage of Summer.

Daniel tells Summer about Max’s outburst and she has a go at Max.

But when she belittles him, he vows revenge.

Summer and Daniel are stunned as Max takes to the stage and does his worst…

2. Max expelled

Summer has a go at Max for humiliating her in front of the whole school.

Later, at a meeting with the deputy head, Max says he has no regrets over punching Daniel.

Meanwhile, David is fuming when Max is permanently expelled and blames Daniel.

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3. Paul calls the police

Summer desperately assures Billy that Daniel never behaved inappropriately.

She also insists to the school nothing happened.

Paul, however, is convinced Daniel groomed Summer and calls the police.

As Daniel protests his innocence, is he in real trouble?

4. Curtis makes a grand gesture

Curtis announces he’s going to train for the Three Peaks challenge in aid of Oliver’s fund.

Steve is touched, but Emma is worried. Will Curtis be okay?

5. Debbie confesses

Debbie admits she stole the food van and Zeedan is relieved to get Hashim’s dirty cash back.

Alya feels guilty as Zeedan assures her they’re in the clear and just need to wait for the insurance money.

6. Kelly makes an accusation

Yasmeen finds out Elaine still wants to sell her share of Speed Daal once the insurance money comes through.

Kelly overhears and accuses the Nazirs of torching the restaurant.

When the police come knocking, can Zeedan, Alya and Yasmeen prove their innocence?

7. Fiz flips over Mimi

Fiz is horrified by the hideous party dresses Mimi has ordered for her and the girls.

Feeling unsupported by Phill she drowns her sorrows to Tyrone.

At the party, Mimi reveals she’s moving to Weatherfield as a special gift to Phill.

Fiz is clearly uncomfortable so Tyrone takes matters into his own hands.

Tyrone rages at Mimi for her behaviour and tells her Phill is the luckiest man alive to be with Fiz.

But Mimi has left her microphone on and everyone has heard their exchange.

8. Sarah has news for Adam

During a meeting an unwell Sarah is asked if she’s pregnant.

She later reveals she might be carrying his baby to Adam and he’s thrilled.

9. Steve disappoints Amy

Amy wants to study business at uni, but Tracy is fuming when Steve admits the money they have has been promised to Emma for her wedding.

Steve suggests to Emma she scale back the wedding, but Amy has another plan in mind.

9. Michael learns the truth

Ed and Aggie break the news to Michael Grace doesn’t want their daughter.

A distraught Michael tries to catch Grace at the tram station. But how will he feel when he finds out she left Glory home alone?

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