Coronation Street: Alina Pop slammed by fans as Fiz discovers her kiss with Tyrone

Fiz was devastated when she discovered Tyrone and Alina kissed

Coronation Street fans have slammed Alina Pop as Fiz discovered Tyrone cheated on her with Alina.

Over the last few weeks Tyrone has been growing closer to Alina and last week she admitted her feelings for him and the two ended up sharing a kiss.

Meanwhile, Tyrone’s fiancée Fiz booked a Greek wedding as a surprise.

In last night’s episode (Monday, March 22) Seb started to become suspicious over Alina and Tyrone when he caught them chatting in the flat.

Tyrone and Alina have been spending a lot of time together (Credit: ITV)

But when Tyrone returned to work, Fiz was there and told him about their wedding. But the surprise didn’t go down well and Fiz was left humiliated.

Back home he confessed that he felt things hadn’t been right with them for a while and that he shared a kiss with Alina.

Fiz was heartbroken, but Tyrone told her that her and the girls meant everything to him.

Fiz was devastated when Tyrone wasn’t happy about the wedding (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile, Alina found out about the wedding through Seb. When he told her that is sounded like it wasn’t going ahead, Alina wanted to find out how Tyrone felt about her.

However when she saw Tyrone and Fiz going back into their house together, she looked devastated.

But fans had no sympathy for Alina and have turned against her.

Coronation Street: What happens next for Tyrone, Fiz and Alina?

Later this week Fiz confronts Alina, warning her to keep away from Tyrone, leaving her shaken and upset.

Alina goes and tears a strip off Tyrone for telling Fiz about their moment and orders him to keep away from her.

Fiz will confront Alina (Credit: ITV)

Soon Fiz organises a date for Tyrone but when he cancels because he has to work late she takes food to the garage. However they both know she’s just checking up on him.

Next week, Tyrone tells his fiancée that if they’re going to have a future together she needs to forgive him.

Tyrone tells Alina to move away (Credit: ITV)

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She tells him that she does want them to work things out, but there’s something he needs to do first.

Soon Tyrone pays Alina a visit and says for the sake of his family, she needs to move away. Will she agree?

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