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Tuesday 4th August 2020

Coronation Street actress Tanisha Gorey talks about what's next in Asha's sexting storyline

Tanisha has played Asha for nearly 12 years

Coronation Street actress Tanisha Gorey has talked about what comes next in Asha Alahan's sexting storyline.

Currently Tanisha's character Asha is in the middle of a sexting plot after a video of her stripping was sent to her classmates.

Although she privately stipped on a video call with her crush Corey, he secretly recorded it.

When classmate Kelly got her hands on the video, she sent it to their peers as revenge for Asha not sticking up for her when she was accused of breaking a lamp.

The video soon made its way onto a pornography site, leaving 14-year-old Asha horrified.

Asha stripped for her crush Corey on a video call, unaware he was recording (Credit: ITV)

As the teenager struggles to deal with the situation, things start to get worse when her classmates hear her dad Dev has gone to the police.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain with Lorraine Kelly, Tanisha spoke about the storyline, how Asha's feeling and what happens next for her alter ego.

When Lorraine asked about how Asha feels about Dev going to the police, Tanisha said: "She definitely doesn't [want Dev to go to the police]. No.

Tanisha revealed Asha does not want Dev going to the police Credit: ITV Hub)

"She's one of those characters where something happens she just wants it to blow over. You know, she wants the ground to swallow her up.

"She doesn't want any confrontation, any action from it. She just wants to completely forget about it and just go on with her life like nothing's happened really."

Did Dev go to the police?

On Friday's Corrie episode (April 24) Dev did go to the police about what's happened to Asha. But the officers revealed Asha has also broken the law by stripping on camera as she is underage.

The police reveal Asha also committed a crime by stripping (Credit: ITV Hub)

Asked if Asha felt a sense of betrayal from those around her, Tanisha added: "Asha's gone through so much already and she already feels like she doesn't have people. She doesn't have a mother unfortunately.

"So I feel like the people she has in her life she felt she could trust. You know, put everything into them. Especially now.

"Kelly ushered Asha away from Amy already, so she feels like Amy's not there 100% either anymore. So it just completely makes everything 10 times worse."

Next week's Coronation Street

Things get worse for Asha next week (Credit: ITV)

In next week's Corrie episodes, Asha continues to receive vile messages after people hearing Dev has gone to the police and school.

She begs her dad to withdraw the complaint. As messages continue to come through her phone, she throws it to the floor and stamps on it.

Seeing Asha in such distress, he agrees to withdraw his complaint. But this isn't something Asha can easily forget.

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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