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Coronation Street: Abi accuses Nina of causing Seb’s death and viewers lose all sympathy

Police told Abi that Nina's appearance 'started' the unprovoked attack

Coronation Street viewers have come out in support of Nina after grieving mum Abi blamed her for Seb’s death in the final visit of the week to Weatherfield.

Abi had previously been sympathetic towards Nina, who was left badly injured in the unprovoked attack that left her son Seb dead – although she was applying pressure on her to remember exactly what happened.

Coronation Street mum Abi turned on Nina when she learned of the reason behind the attack (Credit: ITV)

However, the devastated mother saw red when police informed her that more evidence had come to light about the attack in last night’s episode (Friday, May 14).

The detective explained that it appeared the altercation between the gang and the couple had begun because of Nina’s appearance, with insults slung at her about being a Goth.

Realising that the assault had nothing at all to do with Seb, Abi launched a vicious verbal attack on his girlfriend.

Abi told Nina she was as much to blame for Seb’s death as his murderers (Credit: ITV)

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Abi goes in on Nina

“The police told me what the witness said and all of this started because of you,” she spat.

“Because of what you look like. And look at you – you’re still wearing your stupid clothes and your makeup but it was you who got him killed.

“You were attacked because you looked like a freak. My lad is dead. If you were normal, he wouldn’t be lying in a morgue so it’s just as much your fault as anyone else’s.

“I’m only stating the truth – it is your fault. If you’re dishing out blame, you need to take your share.

“It’s about time to face facts Nina, you’re nothing special. You ain’t wise, you ain’t woke, you’re just a weirdo.”

Nina now believes she caused Seb’s murder in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

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Victim blames herself

Nina ran off sobbing, heartbroken to be blamed for the death of her partner.

Later, she left Roy, Carla and Asha concerned as she joined them in the cafe, with a completely different appearance.

She had removed her Victorian era-inspired black clothes and her makeup. And her hair was in a loose ponytail.

Corrie Goth Nina has given up her identity after Seb’s death (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fave Nina has felt forced into changing

Nina announced sadly: “Seb was killed because of who I was so I’ve decided not to be her anymore.”

Up until now, Coronation Street viewers had heaped sympathy on Abi as she navigated her shock and grief, but their allegiance shifted to Nina after these troubling scenes.

Corrie fans unimpressed with Abi

One frustrated fan echoed the thoughts of many, saying: “Victim blaming is NEVER the answer.

“Disgusted at Abi’s reaction to Nina. Genuinely livid that she’d attack Nina for being an individual.”

Another posted on Twitter: “Poor Nina, my heart breaks for her. Changing her appearance because she blames herself 😢😢 I hope Abi’s grief settles soon and she helps Nina to realise it wasn’t her fault.”

A third wrote: “So disappointed in Abi’s response to Nina. She really had a chance to rise up for Seb during this & prove she had changed into a mum he could be proud of.

“Instead she’s let him down again just like she has done his entire life.”

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