Coronation SPOILER: Phelan back to haunt Eileen

She thought she could move on

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Just when Corrie’s Eileen Grimshaw thought she could move on from her serial killer husband Pat Phelan and his reign of terror, he comes back to haunt her next week when she finds some of his dodgy money stashed in her house.

Eileen’s been doing her best to put her ill-advised marriage to the evil builder in her past. After a temporary move to Bristol with Phelan’s daughter, Nicola, she then returned to Weatherfield to start afresh.

Things have been quiet for her since she came back, but this discovery could be set to change all of that.

We could do with a cupboard spilling out cash in our kitchen (Credit: ITV)

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It’s Seb who finds the envelope stuffed full of cash in a cupboard at Eileen’s place.

Completely shocked when she sees it, Eileen quickly realises it must be Phelan’s and she’s pretty sure, given it’s hidden in a cupboard, he didn’t get it by legitimate means…

Eileen can’t believe it (Credit: ITV)

Horrified Eileen wonders what she should do with the cash – thinking she should perhaps turn it over to the police.

But Liz and Sean have other ideas and suggest she deserves a holiday.

After all she’s been through, Eileen knows they’re right, and agrees on one condition: they both go with her.

Sean suggests a holiday (Credit: ITV)

So as they set about packing their bags, will this decision come back to haunt them? After all, nothing connected to Pat Phelan can ever come to anything good, can it?

Phelan conned Eileen into believing he was a good man when really he was terrorising most of the Street, especially Anna Windass. He managed to manipulate everyone into believing she attacked Seb and even got her locked up for it.

Meanwhile, he was off on a murder spree, offing Andy Carver (who he’d also kept hostage in a basement for months) and his own business partner Vinny Ashford.

Eileen thought she’d killed her husband (Credit: ITV)

When Eileen found out what he was really like, she had a fight with him near the sea and he went flying in, with her left thinking he was dead.

But he returned with a vengeance and set about enacting his terrifying last stand on everyone he knew – shooting Michelle Connor and his own daughter Nicola Rubenstein.

Anna finished the job (Credit: ITV)

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Fortunately, neither of them died, and Phelan himself was killed for real by a returning Anna Windass, who finally got her revenge for all he’d put her through.

Eileen has spent the last six months putting the pieces of her life back together, but is this latest twist set to blow everything apart once again?

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