Joe Tate returns to Emmerdale

Confessions, revelations and huge returns for Emmerdale in 2019

It's all going on

Last year was pretty big for Emmerdale, but 2019 is set to be even bigger as many storylines come to their conclusion – but not before they twist and turn even further.

Here’s a look at what we can expect from the Dales in 2019.

Huge returns

Joe Tate leaves Emmerdale
Will Joe be back? (Credit: ITV)

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We already know Mandy Dingle is set to make a dramatic return for Marlon and Jessie’s official wedding next week, and she’s going to lock horns with Chas.

Mandy’s also coming back with a 16-year-old-son called Vinnie – but the question is, is Paddy the daddy?

Also rumoured to be returning is Joe Tate. He was sensationally killed off in 2018 by Graham Foster – who has convinced Cain Dingle he dealt the fatal blow – but fans never saw the body, and viewers are completely convinced Joe isn’t really dead.

Rumours of his return have been rife for months and fans believe the show itself has dropped a few hints that he’s on his way back.

Also due back is Kim Tate. If she and Joe both return we could be set for a showdown to end all showdowns as she had ordered her henchman Graham to off her nephew. But if he’s still alive, how will she react?


Cain’s struggling with his guilt (Credit: ITV)

Cain Dingle is struggling with his guilt over what he thinks he’s done to Joe, and he’s already spilled his guts to Moira.

It’s only a matter of time before he ends up revealing all to his daughter Debbie, and then all hell will break loose.

An insider has told “As Debbie learns the awful truth – or what Cain thinks is the truth – it could destroy their relationship forever.”

Also set to make a major confession is Graham Foster – he’ll tell Laurel he’s an alcoholic and is struggling with drinking again.

After this confession spills out, surely it’s only a matter of time before the next, even bigger one comes?


Will Vanessa and Charity tie the knot? (Credit: ITV)

Vanessa and Charity – or Vanity as they’re affectionately known – are hot favourite to tie the knot next year after show boss Jane Hudson teased that a proposal was on the cards for one couple.

But with other couples in a happy place, including Pete and Rhona, and Chas and Paddy actors Lucy Pargeter and Dominic Brunt teasing a wedding could be on the cards for them, who will actually get hitched in 2019?

Sinister plots

Emmerdale's Maya in sick new plan to abuse Jacob in front of his dad David
Evil Maya has Jacob right where she wants him (Credit: ITV)

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Teacher Maya Stepney has been grooming Jacob Gallagher and she’s so far getting away with it.

The teen is infatuated as she plays games with him, kissing him and leading him on all behind his stepdad – and her boyfriend – David’s back.

She’s set to step her plan up a gear when she starts tutoring Jacob right under David’s nose. She’s sick, but will she be stopped?

Meanwhile, evil Lachlan White is set to cause fresh hell for Belle from prison.

He’s getting someone on the outside to do his dirty work – but who? And is Belle in serious danger?

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