Emmerdale fans divided over climax to Pierce return story

Rhona took her ex-husband down with a bull tranquiliser

Fans of Emmerdale were left baffled last night as the hostage situation between Pierce Harris, Rhona Goskirk, Vanessa Woodfield and Kim Tate came to a climax.

Viewers at home spotted a series of ‘errors’ throughout the episode, including that the police took ages to go into the house, Rhona didn’t call the cops herself, and Kim managed to untie herself when Vanessa had been struggling for days!

For the last week, rapist and murderer Pierce has been holding Vanessa and her son Johnny hostage in Laurel’s home, as Laurel is in Australia.

Pierce has been holding Vanessa and Johnny hostage (Credit: ITV)

His main goal has been to get close to his ex-wife Rhona, who he raped in 2017, thinking that there is a chance they could be together again.

Meanwhile, no one has been suspicious about Vanessa’s disappearance as they believed she took Johnny to Paris on what was meant to be her and Charity’s honeymoon.

This week, Pierce made a video call to Rhona, showing her that he had her best friend trapped and that the only way to ensure Vanessa’s safety was for Rhona to meet him.

In last night’s hour-long episode (Tuesday February 24 2020) Rhona went to meet Pierce at Mulberry cottage in the hopes of freeing Vanessa and Johnny.

She pretended to go along with Pierce’s plan to leave for a new life, but when Kim Tate came into the house, Pierce knocked Kim unconscious.

Rhona went to meet Pierce (Credit: ITV)

Deciding she needed to take action, Rhona took her phone from the bag and began live streaming Pierce’s confession about killing Graham to the Free Marlon page, knowing someone would be watching it.

Seeing Rhona was in danger, Paddy called the police and Bob realised that they were in Laurel’s home.

As the police arrived, they assessed what was happening and sent an infrared camera over the house to see who was inside.

Armed police stormed into Mulberry cottage (Credit: ITV Hub)

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They soon decided they needed to go in, but before they broke the door down, Rhona had already taken Pierce out with a tranquiliser.

Viewers were baffled by the amount of time the police took to go into the house.

While all this was going on downstairs, upstairs tied-up Kim was coming round.

She quickly managed to untie her retraints, while Vanessa, who’s been tied up for days, was sitting there watching.

Some fans questioned how Kim managed to free herself so hastily when Vanessa hadn’t managed to get close to escaping.

There were others who pointed out Rhona should have called the police or escaped.

And a further few wondered why the flashing blue lights of the police cars couldn’t be seen from inside the house – does Laurel have magic curtains?!

However, some thought the episode was brilliant and hailed the soap for its amazing performances.

Now Pierce has finally been caught, it looks like they have the evidence they need to prove Marlon’s innocence.

Last month, it was revealed Pierce killed Graham after the businessman warned him to stay away from Rhona.

The police took all that time to storm in?

After killing Graham, Pierce framed Rhona’s ex-boyfriend Marlon Dingle, who is currently in prison awaiting his trial.

Pierce is Graham’s killer (Credit: ITV)

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But next week, Marlon returns to the village after being released and is heartbroken to hear his daughter April is being bullied at school.

Things get worse when he finds out his cousin Charity and her son Ryan stole Graham’s money.

He then discovers that Kim may have hired someone to kill Graham and his anger reaches boiling point.

He leaves his family shocked when he tells them he’s washing his hands of all of them. Has he completely disowned the Dingles?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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