Emmerdale Danny Daggert played by Cleveland Campbell

Cleveland Campbell in Emmerdale: Where is the Danny Daggert actor now?

The Danny Daggert actor

Cleveland Campbell starred in Emmerdale as Danny Daggert for six years.

He’s also starred in Doctors, The Bill and New Street Law.

But since 2012, Cleveland has quit acting for another career altogether.

Who is Cleveland Campbell? And where is he now?

Danny, Cynthia and Latisha and baby Kirk Daggert smile for a family picture
Danny was determined to support his family in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

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Who did Cleveland Campbell play in Emmerdale?

Cleveland Campbell played Danny Daggert in Emmerdale.

Danny arrived in the village in June 2001 with his mum Cynthia and sister Latisha.

The family had serious money troubles when they arrived and Danny had to find work.

But as their financial woes got worse around Christmas 2001, Danny agreed to deliver a package for Cain Dingle for cash.

Cynthia was suspicious over Danny’s windfall and she was right to be when the police came knocking and questioned him.

It turned out the package contained counterfeit money paper.

But Danny didn’t crack under pressure and was released without charge.

Danny’s family left the village in 2002, but he stayed as he was getting pretty cosy with a local girl…

Emmerdale Danny Daggert prepares to kiss smiling Dawn Woods
Danny and Dawn were split apart by Scott (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Who did Danny Daggert date in Emmerdale?

Danny was romancing Ollie Reynolds.

Her mother, Angie, had recently died and when the Daggerts departed, Danny stayed to comfort Ollie.

When Ollie aced her A Levels and decided to go to university, things ended as Danny knew they wouldn’t be able to keep a long distance relationship alive.

The Reynolds’ family, however, had taken Danny to their hearts and he ended up living with her grandad, Len Reynolds.

Danny began working for Rodney Blackstock, but things took a turn when Val Lambert bedded them both!

Val eventually chose Rodney.

Danny wasn’t too heartbroken and moved on with Donna Windsor. It wasn’t long, however, before they realised they weren’t suited and split up.

After a brief fling with Jo Stiles, who was too wild for him, Danny realised long-time friend Dawn Woods was the girl for him.

Her violent ex, Scott Windsor was in prison, so the way was clear for Danny to make his move.

The couple were happy together for a while, but then Scott was released and wanted Dawn back.

He and Danny came to blows and Dawn dumped them both.

How did Danny Daggert leave Emmerdale?

Danny remained single and happily living life in the village until 2006 when his sister Latisha returned.

She offered him a job with the family in Portugal.

Danny decided it was time to move on and left Emmerdale in August of that year.

He returned, however, in May 2007 for Len Reynolds’ funeral.

Cleveland Campbell smiles as he supports Ryan Thomas
Cleveland looks a lot different to Danny these days! (Credit: SplashNews.com)

Who is Cleveland Campbell?

Cleveland Campbell was the actor behind Danny Daggert.

He was born on October 3 1977 in Rochdale, Manchester. His family hail from Kingston in Jamaica.

As well as Emmerdale he had roles in Doctors, The Bill, and comedy drama Sunshine with Steve Coogan.

In 2006 Cleveland was arrested and charged with grievous bodily harm after an alleged altercation at Gemma Atkinson‘s 21st birthday party.

He entered a plea of not guilty and the trial was called off in 2006 after new evidence emerged. It cast doubt on the reliability of a witness for the prosecution.

The case was dismissed altogether in January 2007.

Where is Cleveland Campbell now?

It seems Cleveland has quit acting for a complete career change.

He now works in fashion.

His LinkedIn page lists him as Creative Director of BooHoo Group PLC.

Cleveland is still good friends with lots of the Corrie and Emmerdale former cast members and recently supported Ryan Thomas on his London to Manchester walk.

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Cleveland Campbell on Instagram

The former actor’s Instagram confirms his role as Creative Director of BoohooMAN and features him looking very different indeed!

He’s ditched the shaved-head look and grown a goatie beard.

He also likes to travel and shares various pictures, most recently from Jamaica and America.

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