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Wednesday 15th July 2020

Emmerdale SPOILERS: Charity betrays Vanessa over cancer news

Can these two make it work?

Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) has been trying her best to comfort Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick), in light of her cancer diagnosis in Emmerdale.

But it's not been easy for Charity, who fears she's not strong enough to cope.

And when she messes up and reveals Vanessa's plight to Tracy, things get even more strained between the pair.

Vanessa has been keeping her cancer diagnosis a secret (Credit ITV)

With Vanessa in visible pain, Charity struggles to know what to do and ends up feeling completely useless and unable to help the woman she loves.

When Charity walks in on the surprise party that Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) has organised for Vanessa, she panics knowing that it's not what Vanessa needs right now or can cope with, especially as her diagnosis is still a secret.

Charity forces Tracy to go outside with her and tries to tell her that the party isn't a good idea, but Tracy refuses to abandon the plans confused about what the issue is.

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With no other choice, Charity then blurts out that Vanessa has cancer, leaving Tracy floored.

Vanessa isn't exactly in the party spirit (Credit: ITV)

Vanessa, who was recently diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer, told partner Charity in some extremely emotional scenes.

Vanessa announced to Charity earlier this month: "I've been to get the results of my scan,"

She continued: "The cancer's at stage three, it's spread to my lymph nodes."

As a stunned Tracy takes in the news, she tries to get everyone to leave the party but it's too late and a loud 'surprise' can be heard echoing inside.

Charity has been supporting Vanessa through her diagnosis (Credit ITV)

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While Vanessa initially puts on a brave face and tries to enjoy herself, her facade soon waivers when she finds out that Charity has told Tracy about her diagnosis.

As Vanessa storms off, Tracy runs after her while Charity hangs back, extremely worried about how she has betrayed Vanessa's trust.

Vanessa ends up opening up to Tracy and talking with her about her diagnosis and her future, leaving Charity feeling side-lined.

Thinking that she is being shut out, Charity is short and snappy with Tracy, which causes things to reach boiling point between the two of them.

Can Vanessa help to calm things down and encourage the pair to build some bridges?

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