Cath Tyldesley’s incredible body transformation since quitting Corrie

There's not a trace of Eva Price left!

Think of Cath Tyldesley and you think Eva Price, right, the loveable Corrie knicker-stitcher with the flowing Disney-princess blonde locks, and more make-up than three branches of Boots.

Catherine Tyldesley and son Alfie
She’s got the yummy mummy look nailed (Credit: Instagram/Auntiecath17)

Well erase that thought, hold on to your hat and check out post-Corrie Cath… because there’s not a hair extension or over-pencilled brow in sight…

In an interview with the Sun on Sunday’s Fabulous magazine, the former Corrie actress revealed how she shook off Eva with a stunning new brunette look – and how it was such a transformation it left her husband feeling like he was getting up to no good with another woman!

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“Tom felt like he was having an affair! He was just like: ‘This is so weird,'” Cath joked about her husband of two-and-a-half years, and father of their three year old son, Alfie.

And it wasn’t just Tom who was confused by her stunning new look either – Cath admits that ‘at first I kept forgetting I’d done it. I was walking past windows and getting surprised by my own reflection’.

Catherine Tyldesley arrives At The Dusty Springfield Press Night In Manchester
Cath’s new look is a huuuge departure from her Corrie style (Credit: Aaron Parfitt /

And Corrie fans she bumped into when out and about were left open-mouthed by her non-Eva-ness, too!

“There was a lady on the train the other day and she kept staring, and she eventually said: ‘I feel like you’re supposed to be blonde…’ People are taking a minute to work it out,” Cath told the paper.

What would Eva make of Cath’s new look? (Credit: ITV)

And as much as she no doubt loved playing high-maintenance Eva, Cath admits that is has been ‘really nice to just come back to me’, adding that ‘the hair was very much associated with Eva, and I think it was important to lay her to rest’.

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As well as her hair-makeover, Cath has also wasted no time in hitting the gym since leaving Corrie – and her Instagram page is testament to the hard work she has been putting in there.

Woah! Check out those muscles! (Credit: Instagram/auntiecath17)

We all know how devoted the star is to fitness and healthy living – who can forget how she previously lost a staggering six stone to go from a size 22 to a size 10 – and once again she has shown her determination when it comes to achieving her goals.

Working out with Ultimate Performance gym, Cath took on a 12-week body challenge, and stuck to a weight training regime and eating plan to enhance her strength.

“I love a challenge and so I thought: ‘Let’s turn things up a notch, do the 12 weeks and get really strong,'” she says.

And with a refreshingly healthy attitude to body image and eating, Cath added that she didn’t think she was going to ever be ‘completely shredded’ because she loves having curves, and loves her food!

Lookin’ good! (Credit: Instagram/auntiecath17)

Writing on Instagram alongside a stunning gym pic, Cath heaped praise on the program she had been following, saying she had endured no fads or starvation, just ‘naturally beautiful foods, knowledge, motivation and inspiration’.

Hallelujah! We love her attitude!

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