Casualty Tina and Jacob

Casualty spoilers: What’s happening tonight – 9 October

Jacob and Tina's storyline comes to a head

Casualty spoilers for tonight (Saturday, October 9) show Jacob standing his ground with Tina. But will her bombshell revelation change everything?

Meanwhile, Iain’s on to Tina, and elsewhere, the show’s first transgender character arrives.

All this and more in tonight’s Casualty spoilers.

Casualty spoilers: Tina has a huge bombshell for Jacob

Jacob stands up to Tina, but she’s not happy about it (Credit: BBC)

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Tina shows up for her shift like nothing has happened and Jacob reiterates that he needs space from her and their relationship.

She’s not having it though and struggling to control her anger, she soon tries to play the victim over Jacob’s comment about her PPE.

Later, Tina spots a patient flirting with Jacob and is absolutely furious.

She takes drastic action by kidnapping the patient – who’s seriously ill – and locking her in an empty ambulance.

Jacob is horrified when she summons him and he realises what’s going on. As he desperately tries to make her see sense, she drops the huge bombshell that she’s pregnant.

He cannot believe what he’s hearing and demands the complete truth.

However, their moment is interrupted by a call from Iain. Tina becomes hysterical and threatens to kill herself with a syringe. Can Jacob help her?

Iain confronts Tina

Tina tries to manipulate Jacob, but Iain can see through her (Credit: BBC)

Iain knows Tina is trouble and turning up at the scene of her showdown with Jacob, believes she’s calling their bluff with her suicide threat.

He also doesn’t believe she’s pregnant. Iain is revealed to be correct when Tina drops the syringe.

But as Iain walks away, Tina launches a brutal attack on him. Will Iain be okay?

Sah arrives

Sah is determined to do well (Credit: BBC)

New paramedic Sah arrives at the ED!

Sah, played by Arin Smethurst, is transgender and non-binary, something which Teddy notes.

But Sah is there to work and vows their first day will be great. However, a few mistakes soon leave them disappointed.

Teddy is on hand to reassure them.

Will Jan and Ffion reunite?

Jan is desperate to put things right with Ffion (Credit: BBC)

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Ffion finds out she has breast cancer, but she rejects Jan’s attempts to support her.

Meanwhile, Teddy wants to reunite the couple and approaches Ffion to try and persuade her to give Jan another chance.

All this serves to do is infuriate Ffion, who’s cross Jan allowed Teddy to inferfere in their marriage.

Can they put they put this behind them and get back together when Ffion needs her wife the most?

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