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Casualty: BBC viewers’ horror at disturbing paedophile castration scene

The disturbing scenes were criticised by viewers

Casualty horrified BBC viewers with scenes that saw a paedophile castrate himself in a disturbing episode.

The man, James, had been effectively forced to admit to his sexual feelings towards children by nurse Faith.

The man castrated himself in last night’s Casualty (Credit: BBC)

What happened on BBC show Casualty?

She had decided to reunite him with his estranged mother, against his wishes.

When his mum arrived, she appeared delighted to have her son back.

However she demanded to know why he had suddenly upped and left the family as he had.

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Eventually he admitted he left because he realised he felt attracted to children. He didn’t want to act on his feelings, so decided to leave to stop that from happening.

Later, Faith found James looking at her iPad and decided he was looking at her children – despite not being able to see him do that.

He fled his hospital bed, horrified at what he was being accused of.

However, James’ mother screamed in horror at the scenes (Credit: BBC)

But in disturbing scenes, he was later found hiding in a disused office having taken drastic action.

His mum and Faith tried to talk him into coming out and returning to his bed for treatment.

She told him she wanted him back in her life and she would ensure he could be back with them and not on the streets.

Casualty viewers disturbed by horror scene

His mum even promised to get him a flat for his own so he wouldn’t have to worry about abusing his siblings.

However when he emerged, his mum screamed in horror.

James had a bloody stain around his privates – having castrated himself in the room with a stolen scalpel.

“It’s OK, mum, I fixed it,” he told his mum.

However, viewers slammed the show for the scenes.

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One said: “Dear BBC, a woman pissing herself and a paedo who chops off his todger. If this is the best you can give us on a Saturday night, it’s time to give up! #Casualty.”

A second said: “Am I supposed to be feeling sorry for a paedo? #Casualty.”

A third said: “Oh! Self castration! #Casualty.”

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