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EastEnders fans call out series of ‘plotholes’ as Leo continues spying on Whitney

He living in Whitney's attic

Creepy Leo King is currently living in Whitney Dean’s attic, so he can spy on her through a peephole in the ceiling – and EastEnders fans have some serious questions about the plot.

In fact, they think the storyline is riddled with holes as they can’t comprehend how the delusional stalker can survive up there without food, water and a toilet!

Leo spying on Whitney
The stuff of nightmares (Credit: BBC)

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On Thursday night (February 6), Leo continued to ogle Whitney through a hole in the ceiling of her bedroom, while she remained oblivious to his sinister movements.

How did Leo get up there in the first place? How is he not bursting for the loo? Starving? Surely she’d hear him? 

She thinks she finally got rid of her unhinged suitor after the punters in the Queen Vic all turned on him and warned him to leave her alone.

But, unbeknownst to her, Leo was watching Whitney undress, and hearing her every conversation.

Leo spying on Whitney
What exactly is Leo planning? (Credit: BBC)

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Viewers know that the twisted son of Whitney’s abuser Tony King has been spying on her from a peephole in Dot Branning’s attic ever since he was banished from Albert Square.

Whitney has been hiding away in her room as she recovers from her ordeal with him – little knowing that he’s above her.

Last night, Mick Carter came round to visit Whit after noticing she was missing from her stall.

Leo spying on Whitney
Whitney feels safe at home, little knowing her stalker is close by (Credit: BBC)

He told her: “I don’t think you have to worry about him anymore. I think he got the message. If he does come back I’ll be round here with a baseball bat.”

When Mick asked why she was hiding, she admitted: “I just feel safe here. I feel like I can shut the curtains and lock the door and it’s my little world and I’m alright with that.”

As Mick left, Whitney was blissfully unaware that her stalker was hiding just metres above her.

In deeply sickening scenes, Leo watched Whitney as she took off her clothes before having a shower.

Leo spying on Whitney
C.R.E.E.P.Y. (Credit: BBC)

But many of those watching from home called out what they believe to be a series of plotholes and blunders – asking how Leo even got up in Whitney’s attic, and how he is surviving.

One tweeted: “On the Leo thing… What is he eating? He’s been there for a solid day at least. #EastEnders.”

Another added: “How did Leo get up there in the first place? How is he not bursting for the loo? Starving? Surely she’d hear him? Creepy though. #EastEnders.”

A third said: “Leo King has been in that attic for over 24 hours now without food, drink or the use of a toilet. These storylines are messed up, totally out of reality #EastEnders.”


Surely Leo will cough or sneeze or something, while he’s looking through that hole. How has Whitney not clocked him up there?” pondered one more, while another said: “How did Leo get into the loft to watch Whitney? Bit far fetched. #EastEnders.”

Another fan said the storyline was “stupid”, typing: “Has anyone managed to work out how Leo got into Dot’s attic to spy on Whitney (I’m not aware of any empty houses he could have used), or how he managed to make a hole in the ceiling in the right room without anyone noticing plaster anywhere? Stupid #EastEnders storyline.”

Others compared the BBC soap plot to Netflix chiller You, in which Joe Goldberg stalks his girlfriends, often before killing them.

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