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Biggest Super Soap Week plots from Coronation Street and Emmerdale

It's the most spectacular time of the year

October is a time that every soap fan cannot wait for – because it’s Super Soap Week time.

The best time of the year when Emmerdale and Coronation Street throw everything they’ve got at an explosive week of episodes.

This year is set to be the deadliest yet but what’s happened in years gone by?

Emmerdale super soap week 2016
Emmerdale’s super soap week in 2016 saw a deadly car pile up (Credit: ITV)

2016: The motorway pile-up in Emmerdale

Who can forget the moment that approximately 447 cars smashed together in a motorway pile up after Emma Barton shoved her husband James to his death in 2016?

The huge stunt saw multiple lives hang in the balance with two future murderers and a rapist sadly surviving.

It was likened to a Hollywood blockbuster and won the Greatest Soap Moment gong at the British Soap Awards.

Sparking two years of dramatic storylines, the crash showed the power of a Super Soap Week.

Coronation Street super soap week 2016
David Platt planned to blow up his wife’s killer in 2016 (Credit: ITV)

2016: The human fireball in Coronation Street

David Platt has never been the most balanced of individuals.

He once pushed his mum down the stairs over a row about peas (or something) so you can only imagine what his wife dying in his arms after being brutally stabbed by a thug will do to him.

Fortunately you don’t have to as Corrie revealed it when David decided to turn into a human fireball himself.

Unfortunately his best laid plans went a tad awry and he ended up actually speeding down the cobbles and turning his neighbour Anna into a human fireball instead.

He crashed his car and she went up in flames.

And to add to all this Ken Barlow had a stroke. It never rains but pours on the cobbles – especially in October.

Emmerdale cameron murray returns
Cameron Murray tried to kill again in Emmerdale’s 2014 offering (Credit: ITV)

2014: The Woolpack flood and siege in Emmerdale

There’s nothing like Emmerdale in October.

It’s a wonder anyone survives until November frankly, and 2014 was no exception with the flood and the siege.

Centring on killer Cameron Murray who escaped from prison – he returned to the village for revenge.

This helpfully coincided with a dramatic flood in The Woolpack.

It saw Cameron taking the villagers hostage before trying to kill exes Chas and Debbie.

His end came with the flick of a light switch – the light being in the flooded basement of the pub where Cameron was treading water.

He was electrocuted and died instantly – but the trauma of what he put everyone threw went on for years.

2018: Super Soap Week return of Kim Tate in Emmerdale

It may not have been a huge stunt – but Kim Tate’s 2018 comeback is one of the biggest moments of any soap in years.

And add to that the death of her step-grandson Joe Tate at the hands of his soon to be father-in-law Cain Dingle and you’ve got a Super Soap Week all on its own.

It had been 20 years since Kim fled the village in a helicopter with a bag of cash.

And her comeback did not disappoint – though brief as it was.

She managed to threaten to kill half the village, re-take Home Farm, almost get killed and find herself sent back to prison for driving without insurance.

And now it’s like she’s never been away.

Coronation Street fans shocked after Ali Neeson MURDERS Ronan Truman
Ali Neeson murdered Ronan Truman to save his family in Coronation Street’s 2018’s Super Soap Week (Credit: ITV)

2018: Ronan’s death in Coronation Street

It was the beginning of the end for Michelle Connor when in 2018 her son Ali became a murderer.

Her other son Ryan ended up in drugs lord Ronan’s bad books and was run down and left for dead.

Michelle’s nemesis Leanne Battersby was caught in the crossfire as Ronan tried to run over Ryan again.

And if that wasn’t enough – Ronan’s car spiralled out of control and he was left with life-threatening injuries.

But when drug dealer Ronan met his death at the hands of Dr Ali Neeson, it was a shock.

Instead of saving Ronan from the injuries sustained in the car crash, Ali ripped out the pole keeping him alive and watched him bleed out.

Even though Ronan had threatened to kill his entire family as soon as he was better, it was a huge shock to see what Ali would do.

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