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Best ever Christmas Day soaps moments: how many do you remember?

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Christmas Day soaps are always dramatic. From affair reveals to unexpected arrivals, anything is possible.

Here are some of the best Christmas soap moments from Emmerdale, Coronation Street and EastEnders.

Den and Angie – EastEnders 1986

Den served Angie with divorce papers on Christmas Day (Credit: BBC)

In 1986, The Queen Vic landlord Den Watts no longer wanted to leave his wife Angie. However she learnt of his plan to leave her.

In a bid to try and stop him leaving, she claimed she was dying and only had six months left to live.

Den promised to be there until Angie’s death and even took her on a second honeymoon. But on their way home, he overheard a drunk Angie admit to a bartender on the Orient Express that she’s not dying.

Den got his revenge by serving her divorce papers on Christmas Day.

Angie looked shocked as Den smiled saying: “Happy Christmas Ange.”

John Stape and Rosie Webster affair reveal – Coronation Street 2007

Kevin attacked John when he found out he’d been sleeping with Rosie (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

In 2007, schoolteacher John Stape had been having an affair with his pupil Rosie Webster.

On Christmas Day, Fiz waited at home for boyfriend John to get back from the shop, where he claimed he went to get nutmeg.

But John had really gone to give Rosie her Christmas present.

When Rosie opened her present it was a pair of pyjamas for Fiz and John immediately realised he got the presents mixed up.

Meanwhile FiZ opened her present from John and it was a pair of sexy lingerie.

At first Fiz believed John was having an affair with Sally and went over to her house to confront her.

But when Rosie walked in with a present with matching wrapping paper, it soon became clear she was the one John had been having an affair with.

On the Street, Fiz confronted her boyfriend and Rosie’s dad Kevin proceeded to hit John several times.

A baby is left on David’s doorstep – Emmerdale 2019

Maya left her baby on David and Jacob’s doorstep (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

In 2018, 15-year-old Jacob Gallagher began being groomed by his school teacher and dad’s girlfriend Maya Stepney.

After Jacob’s sixteenth birthday, Maya began sleeping with Jacob.

Eventually Priya Sharma saw Maya and Jacob kissing and told his mum Leyla and the truth about Maya grooming Jacob came out.

A few weeks later, Maya was arrested and went to prison. The former school teacher ended up being released from prison early and in a plot twist it was revealed she was pregnant.

Just over a month later, on Christmas Day, a baby was left on David and Jacob’s doorstep leaving them shocked.

A paternity test revealed that David was the baby’s father.

Max and Stacey affair reveal – EastEnders 2007

Max and Stacey’s affair was revealed on EastEnders Christmas Day 2007 (Credit: BBC)

A Christmas soap moment that can never be forgotten is from EastEnders in 2007.

About a year before, Max Branning had started having an affair with his son Bradley’s girlfriend-turned-wife Stacey.

Max’s daughter Lauren found out about the affair after she accidentally recorded Max and Stacey kissing before her wedding to Bradley.

Lauren burned the footage on to a DVD and left it under the Christmas tree for Bradley. This was to get revenge on Max but she changed her mind last minute and tried to get it back.

However the DVD ended up being put on and Max and Stacey’s affair was revealed in front of both sides of their families, including Max’s wife Tanya and Stacey’s husband Bradley.

Hilda leaves – Coronation Street 1987

Hilda left Coronation Street on Christmas Day 1987 (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

After 23 years on the cobbles, Hilda Ogden left on Christmas Day in 1987.

She sold No.13 to Kevin and Sally Webster and spent her last full day with the couple before her exit.

As she went to say goodbye to everyone in local pub, the Rovers, she was thrilled to see a surprise party waiting for her.

Hilda led the residents in a chorus of Wish Me Luck As You Wave Me Goodbye.

Belle exposes Zak and Joanie’s affair – Emmerdale 2015

Belle exposed Zak and Joanie’s affair (Credit: ITV)

On Christmas Eve 2015, Belle Dingle discovered her dad Zak had been sleeping with their lodger Joanie behind his wife Lisa’s back.

On Christmas Day and Belle’s birthday, Belle exposed the affair to her family.

When Joanie got Belle to do the wishbone with her, Belle tuned around and said: “I wish you weren’t sleeping with my dad.”

Lisa ended up kicking both Joanie and Zak out of the house.

The paternity test results for Amy – EastEnders 2008

Sean was heartbroken to find out Amy wasn’t his daughter (Credit: BBC)

In 2008, Roxy Mitchell had a one-night-stand with sister Ronnie’s on-off boyfriend Jack Branning.

She fell pregnant, but as she had also been sleeping with Sean Slater, she was unsure who the father was.

But on Christmas Day, the paternity results were hidden in a Christmas cracker and Sean discovered he is not Amy’s biological father.

Eva stops Nick and Leanne’s wedding – Coronation Street 2012

Eva revealed the real reason Leanne was late to her wedding (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

In 2012, Nick and Leanne planned to remarry her first husband Nick Tilsley.

However on the morning of their wedding, Leanne went to see ex-husband Peter and told him she would give their relationship another go.

But when Carla, Peter’s girlfriend, appeared, Leanne decided to go through with her wedding to Nick.

However at the ceremony, Leanne’s half-sister Eva announced to everyone why Leanne was really late for the wedding – she stopped to see Peter to see if he wanted to get back together.

Tom King death – Emmerdale 2006

He was pushed out of a window in Emmerdale (Credit: BBC)

Tom King was killed in a ‘whodunit’ Christmas Day plot in 2006.

Christmas Day was meant to be a special day for Tom as he had married Rosemary Sinclair. However things soon took a dark turn.

Rosemary was furious to learn Tom had left his assets to his three sons Jimmy, Matthew and Carl. But he was later pushed out of a window by an unknown assailant.

Tom died in front of many of the villagers. But it was later revealed he was pushed by his son Carl.

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