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Bernice Blackstock in Emmerdale: How many times has she married? All her husbands and lovers!

How many husbands has she had?

Bernice Blackstock (also Bernice Binns, Bernice Thomas and Bernice White) in Emmerdale is the daughter of Diane Sugden and Rodney Blackstock. She’s mum to Gabby Thomas and DeeDee and she’s been married an impressive FOUR times!  But what’s her story?

Bernice Blackstock arrives in Emmerdale

Bernice arrived in the village in 1999, and got a job working behind the bar in the Woolpack. She’d already been married once – to a man called Anthony Binns – but had broken up with him when she found out he was seeing another man. And soon after arriving in Emmerdale, she  discovered that her fiance, Gavin, was cheating on her with Jason Kirk. So far, so familiar!

Bernice called off the engagement and thanks to a gift from a friend, became landlady of the Woolpack.

Bernice worked her way through the men of Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

She started a romance with village vicar Ashley Thomas and the pair tied the knot at a festive Christmas wedding.

Bernice got pregnant but had a miscarriage and when Ashley got a job elsewhere, she felt abandoned by her new husband just when she needed him most.

Bernice and Ashley tied the knot on Christmas Day (Credit: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

So she was soon cheating on poor Ashley with Carlos Riaz. The pair broke off their romance and he started dating Bernice’s sister Nicola. But soon he and Bernice were seeing each other again. And when Bernice found out she was pregnant with Gabrielle she didn’t know for sure who the baby’s father.

Though she later discovered Gabby was Ashley’s baby, Bernice didn’t take to motherhood and she left the village, leaving Ashley to care for Gabby.

Husband number three for Bernice Blackstock

Bernice returned to the village in 2012, having been married to a man called Charlie while she was away, and giving birth to another daughter, Diane – known as DeeDee.

But when she came to Emmerdale she confessed she’d been cheating with a married man called Steve, who joined her in the village.

After being involved in the dramatic siege at the Woolpack when Cameron Murray held several villagers hostage, Bernice settled into Emmerdale life and opened a salon.

Bernice Blackstock’s fourth husband

Things got hot and steamy when Bernice gave Andy Sugden a massage and the pair ended up kissing. They had an affair even though Andy was back with wife Katy and Bernice was seeing older man Lawrence White.

Bernice and Andy got steamy in the salon (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

When Bernice and Lawrence got engaged, she discovered that he had once had an affair with Ronnie Hale and was struggling with unresolved issues around his sexuality. But she was very fond of Lawrence and did have feelings for him, despite him not wanting to get physical.

Bernice injected dodgy botox to look younger for Liam (Credit: ITV)

When Andy and Bernice woke up together on the morning of Bernice’s wedding, Chrissy – Lawrence’s daughter – caught them. But Lawrence offered Bernice the chance to have an open marriage and she accepted and the wedding went ahead. Just as Andy arrived to tell her he wanted to make a go of things. Talk about bad timing!

And Liam makes five?

After Lawrence and Bernice broke up and Lawrence died in a gruesome car accident caused by his evil grandson Lachlan, Bernice found comfort in the arms of Daz Spencer for a while, but then moved on to suave doctor Liam Cavanagh.

Bernice even found herself in hospital after injecting dodgy botox in an attempt to look good for her handsome fella.

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But when DeeDee’s dad Charlie was in an accident in Australia, Bernice left Liam behind in Emmerdale and rushed off Down Under to care for her younger daughter. She thought she’d only be gone for a little while, but her move was permanent.

But with daughter Gabby having a right old time of it at the moment with her unexpected pregnancy, could Bernice return to the Dale to look after her troubled offspring?

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