Belle Dingle actress Eden Taylor-Draper praised for performance after Lisa’s death

She had viewers in tears with her

Viewers of Emmerdale knew they were going to be in for an emotional ride last night.

At the end of Thursday’s episode newly-remarried Zak Dingle arrived home to discover bride Lisa had died.

He and the family knew that she was living on borrowed time due to a heart condition, but they weren’t expecting her to go just yet.

As Friday’s episode began, daughter Belle came home from the reception to discover her father weeping.

Zak and Lisa Dingle
Zak was shocked by his awful discovery (Credit: ITV)

She was inconsolable to discover her mum was gone and clung to her body, even when the doctor – Manpreet – arrived to confirm the death.

Gradually the other members of the Dingle clan learned the awful truth and gathered as Lisa’s body was eventually taken away.

While most viewers were blown away by the tender scenes, some couldn’t help but pick holes.

Namely, the fact they could still see Lisa breathing…

One viewer tweeted: “Has no one noticed she’s been breathing in the last 19 minutes?”

Another added: “Load of [bleep]. She’s breathing.”

A third wrote: “She’s still breathing.”

“It’s a miracle – Lisa Dingle is dead but she is still breathing,” observed a fourth.

Err… shall we break it to them gently? Lisa’s appeared in most of last night’s episode… were they expecting actress Jane Cox not to take a single breath during her long scenes?

Lisa Dingle Emmerdale
The episode was Jane Cox’s swansong (Credit:

Aside from the nit-pickers, many fans were full of praise for the acting, particularly that of Eden Taylor-Draper, who plays Belle.

Belle Dingle
Belle was broken by the news (Credit: ITV)

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