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Sunday 31st May 2020

Ash's true identity exposed - and EastEnders fans have high hopes for her

She's sticking around on Albert Square...

EastEnders has confirmed the real identity of Ash Kaur, and viewers of the BBC soap are thrilled she'll be sticking around.

After months of rumours, hints and speculation, we now know that Iqra Ahmed's girlfriend is the secret sister of the Panesar brothers - part of the first ever Punjabi Sikh family in the soap's history.

Ash is the fourth member of the Panesar family - so far! (Credit: BBC)

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On Tuesday (October 29), siblings Kheerat, Jags and Vinny appeared in Albert Square for the first time together to look for their missing sister.

When Vinny eventually tracked Ash down, fans discovered that she had cut ties with her family four years ago after falling out with her disapproving mother.

But the boys had important news - their mum is dying of cancer.

Vinny told Ash their mum is dying of cancer (Credit: BBC)

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Although Ash has been on-screen for some time, it's only now we've learnt of her connection to the new family.

And those watching from home were delighted.

I've instantly warmed to the Panesar family after tonight's episode.

Writing on Twitter, one viewer wrote: "The Panesar family are looking very good so far, links to Ben, Chantelle and the story behind their sister Ash, looking forward to seeing more from them #EastEnders."

Another said: "Putting it out there that @jalotashiv @Jaz_Deol @amaradatia are truly a fantastic casting.

"I've instantly warmed to the Panesar family after tonight's episode, Ash included - and know full well they're going to bring us some iconic moments on @bbceastenders."

Writing on Digital Spy Forums, one keen viewer said: "I know it's early days but I'm really liking Ash so far!

"In particular there does actually seem to be some chemistry between her and Iqra. It's also nice to see their relationship portrayed in a fairly positive light. I'm looking forward to seeing what's next."

Iqra and Ash have 'chemistry' according to fans (Credit: BBC)

Talking about her role in the family, actress Gurlaine Kaur Garcha said: "I am thrilled to be part of the Panesars. It was a proud moment getting the part, not only was I going into an iconic soap I was going in as a character in a Punjabi family representing something that is so true to me.

"Punjabi families are full of character, really loving and caring so I'm excited to be involved in portraying that to the nation.

"I do think there is a shortage for representation of Punjabi families on TV, so it's amazing to be a member of the first one in Walford. To also be playing a bisexual Punjabi girl is something I wouldn't have had any other way."

She also promised a rollercoaster ride for fans, and plenty of duff duff moments!

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