Coronation Street SPOILERS: Ali Neeson bids an emotional farewell as actor James Burrows exits

He leaves just three months after his on-screen mother Michelle

Doctor Ali Neeson leaves Coronation Street after a showdown with Gary Windass in emotional scenes next week.

The character will leave just three months after the departure of his mum Michelle Connor.

After exchanging an emotional farewell with Ryan, Ali leaves the street (Credit: ITV)

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When Ali’s rival Gary discovers Ali slept with Maria, he decides to teach him a lesson and scare him away forever.

After months of being in a love triangle, villain Gary asks Sharon to get rid of Ali for good.

Craig attends a wellness check-up with Ali when the doctor suddenly collapses.

Gary’s actions lead to Ali’s life being in serious danger (Credit: ITV)

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Toyah and Dr Gaddas rush to his aid and Toyah reluctantly reveals that he might have taken an overdose of diazepam.

Maria and Gary watch in horror as Ali is loaded into an ambulance, with Gary later telling Sharon she’s taken things too far.

When Ali regains consciousness, Ryan tells him he took an overdose of diazepam.

No one believes Ali when he accuses Gary of spiking him (Credit: ITV)

But Ali is baffled and swears blind he hasn’t taken anything – and accuses Gary of spiking him.

Sadly, Ryan doesn’t believe him and thinks his brother is in denial.

Maria also arrives at the hospital to check on Ali, but Ryan blames her for Ali’s state and accuses her of playing Gary and Ali off against each other.

Once out of hospital, a desperate Ali tries to prove that Gary is trying to kill him.

Ali warns Maria against Gary, but she doesn’t listen (Credit: ITV)

When Maria sees Ali in his car and climbs into the passenger seat, Ali locks her in and tells her how he suspects Gary spiked his drink. As Maria pulls fruitlessly at the door handle, Ali starts the car.

He eventually lets her go and realises their relationship is well and truly over.

He later tells Ryan he can’t bear to watch Maria marry Gary and that he’s leaving the cobbles.

Ali then says an emotional goodbye before making his exit.

Ali leaves on Friday 13th – hopefully a lucky day for him (Credit: ITV)

He explains to Maria that he’s heading for pastures new and they wish each other the best.

The doctor also apologises to Toyah for all the trouble he’s caused her.

When his goodbyes are over, Ali leaves the street once and for all.

James Burrows – who plays Ali – is departing from the cobbles after two years.

He recently revealed he was quitting the ITV soap because he wants to “explore a variety of characters”.

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