Alfie, Kat and Hayley’s secret past in Spain to be revealed in special broadcast

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EastEnders will be revealing everything that happened between Kat, Alfie and Hayley when they all lived in Spain together.

We know that during this time, Alfie and Hayley had a one-night-stand and Kat had an affair.

In a devastating twist, Kat’s negligence also left her son Ernie with severe burns after he was seriously scalded with boiling water.

What exactly happened between these two? (Credit: BBC)

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The events will finally be explained in a brand new podcast, the first time EastEnders has used this format.

The audio drama EastEnders: The Podcast will be available to download from Wednesday 28 November on BBC Sounds audio streaming and catch-up service.

It’s the first in a series of planned episodes set to delve deeper into the lives of Walford residents, which will run alongside the BBC TV series.

Kat and Alfie in happier times (Credit: BBC)

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Kat returned to Albert Square in March 2018, without her kids OR her husband.

Viewers know that the couple were running a bar in Spain – but their marriage fell apart when she slept with Russian barman Dimitri.

When Kat should have been looking after her children, she was in bed with Dimitri instead.

Unwatched, Tommy poured a kettle of boiling water over brother Ernie, leaving him fighting for his life.

Alfie recently returned to Albert Square (Credit: BBC)

After a huge row, and the eventual fallout, Alfie found solace in the arms of Hayley.

We know that the fling resulted in Hayley becoming pregnant – but Kat does NOT know this! Yet.

Fans of the soap will no doubt be dying to travel back in time to discover the truth of why Kat cheated, and what really occurred between Hayley and Alfie.

Shane Richie plays wheeler dealer Alfie Moon (Credit: BBC)

Speaking about taking part in the podcast, Shane Richie told “We talk about the history of where Kat and Alfie have been in Spain; giving some of the back story.

“I think it’s the first time it’s been done. It’s interesting, because me and Jessie were the first one to do the Back To Ours thing, and now me and Jessie are doing the first podcast.

“I think it’s the future now, television seems to be doing the radio side of it a lot now, it’ll be interesting.”

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