Emmerdale fans predict explosive affair between Moira Dingle and newcomer DI Malone

Well, she does like bad boys!

Viewers of Emmerdale have predicted that Moira Dingle will embark on an explosive affair with newcomer DI Malone.

And it would surely be the final nail in the coffin of her already decimated marriage to Cain Dingle.

Mark Womack joined the cast this week as DI Malone (Credit: ITV)

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Soap fans saw a new storyline kick off last night, when DI Malone arrived in the village in the aftermath of Nate Robinson’s non-fatal shooting.

How many weeks before Moira ends up on her back with new copper?

On Thursday (March 5), Mark Womack joined the cast and his character looks set to give Cain a run for his money in the villain stakes.

As the Detective Inspector came to interview Will Taylor, it became immediately obvious that he’s as bent as they come – and full of menace, too.

DI Malone arrived to question Will (Credit: ITV)

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Called in to investigate the incident at Butler’s Farm, Malone and his team began an extensive search for the weapon that was used against Nate.

The handgun behind the attack was not only unmarked but viewers know it has a very dodgy history behind it.

Harriet had asked Cain to get rid of the gun, due to its links to Will’s criminal past.

Cain used Harriet’s gun, which is linked to Will’s dodgy past (Credit: ITV)

Of course, Cain made well sure the gun had been disposed of, after storing it in a car on its way to be crushed.

As Malone and Cain came head to head, it’s clear the pair have no love for each other… And spoilers tell us the pair will clash again in upcoming scenes.

But some viewers predict Malone will be a fly in the ointment in more ways than one, believing he’ll come between Cain and Moira ever reuniting.

Writing on Twitter, one said: “I assume Cain will win in the end against bent copper Malone, also a new fella for Moira?

There’s tension ahead for Cain and Will (Credit: ITV)

Another said: “How long before the new copper is in Moira’s knickers?? #JustSayin #Emmerdale.”

A third referred to theories that Harriet and Cain might reunite, adding: “If they put Cain back with Harriet, then please put Moira with Malone.”

“How many weeks before Moira ends up on her back with the new copper?” asked one more, while another said: “[Ronnie] Mitchell’s copper hubby will be [bleep] in Moira by 8.30pm.”

Viewers know that Moira and Cain were happily married (ish) until she had a passionate affair with Nate Robinson – not realising he was Cain’s long-lost son.

After the dramatic revelation, Cain kicked Moira out and served her with divorce papers.

Meanwhile, Mark’s police officer Malone has a “dark history” and will be around long enough to cause Cain a big headache one way or another.

The Liverpool-born actor, best known for his roles in Murphy’s Law, Merseybeat, Vera and Babylon, said of his new role: “It’s always a lot of fun to play the bad guy and Malone definitely falls into that category.

“I’m looking forward to the audience seeing his twisted tale unfold on screen.”

Cain served Moira with divorce papers (Credit: ITV)

Announcing his casting, as well as that of Reece Dinsdale, Producer Laura Shaw said: “We are absolutely thrilled to have Reece Dinsdale and Mark Womack joining the Emmerdale family.

“Although playing very different characters, both come with huge stories that will see lives changed and big explosions in 2020.

“We’re all very excited to see these two hugely talented and experienced actors grace our screens.”

Mark is married to former EastEnders star Samantha, who played Ronnie Mitchell.

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