A short history of Emmerdale’s Aaron Dingle

Aaron's gone from tortured teen to one half of soap's most popular couple...

Aaron Dingle is one of the most popular characters ever to have lived in Emmerdale – and one half of Robron, who have more devoted fans than any other couple in Soapland.

Aaron has gone from a brooding young man to a loyal husband, proving that he’ll do whatever it takes to protect the people he loves.

But even though he’s hoping to become a responsible parent, he still sometimes struggles to keep that infamous Dingle temper in check!

Here is a brief lowdown on Aaron Dingle…

When did Aaron Dingle first arrive in Emmerdale?

Danny Miller in Emmerdale
Chas and Aaron are much closer nowadays (Credit: ITV)

The son of Chas Dingle and Gordon Livesy, Aaron first arrived in Emmerdale in 2003, played by actor Danny Webb. Chas had abandoned her son when she split from Gordon, leaving the youngster with his dad.

When Aaron finally reconnected with Chas, he blamed her for rejecting him all those years ago. Although he visited her over the next few years, it wasn’t until 2006 that he moved to the village permanently.

Now played by Danny Miller, Aaron rocked up after being thrown out by his dad. He soon got himself into trouble with criminal family the McFarlanes, and was even arrested for possession of drugs.

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When did Aaron Dingle come out as gay?

It took Aaron a long time to admit to himself that he was gay (Credit: ITV)

Aaron was a hit with the girls of Emmerdale, and lost his virginity to Victoria Sugden, before bedding Holly Barton! But he secretly had his eye on her brother…

Aaron was best mates with Adam Barton – so when he moved in for a kiss, Adam was stunned. Adam asked his pal if he was gay, but Aaron denied the accusation.

Aaron became close to his mum’s ex-boyfriend Paddy Kirk, who was like a father to him. When Paddy found out that Aaron had been visiting gay bars, he offered his support.

But Aaron still wasn’t ready to admit his sexuality, and beat poor Paddy to a pulp.

Aaron eventually revealed that he was gay, but it was clear he was struggling with it. He was filled with so much self-loathing that he punched gay pal Jackson Walsh in a bid to prove that he wasn’t gay himself.

Aaron’s sexuality tormented him so much that he even tried to take his own life. It was only when Aaron went to court, charged with ABH, that he finally admitted the truth.

Who was Aaron Dingle’s first boyfriend, Jackson Walsh?

Aaron helped his first boyfriend, Jackson, to die (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

Aaron met his first boyfriend, Jackson Walsh, in a gay bar. Although they shared a kiss, Aaron was still in denial about his sexuality.

Despite Aaron punching Jackson, the pair began dating. Things quickly progressed, and Jackson told Aaron that he loved him…

Aaron felt that things were moving too quickly, leading to them having an argument. Jackson jumped into his car and drove off – but Aaron later discovered that Jackson had crashed into a railway line and been hit by a train.

The accident left Jackson paralysed from the waist down, and Aaron had to break it to him that he would never walk again. The accident prompted Jackson and Aaron to get back together, but Jackson would never be the same…

Jackson admitted to Aaron and his mum, Hazel, that he wanted to die. They agreed to help him end his life – but after Hazel was unable to go through with it, Aaron was left to give Jackson a deadly dose of pills.

Jackson slipped away, and Aaron was arrested for his murder. Although he was found not guilty, Aaron blamed himself for Jackson’s death, and began self-harming.

When did Aaron Dingle first meet his husband, Robert Sugden?

Fans were delighted when Robert and Aaron finally tied the knot (Credit: ITV)

After two years away from the village, Aaron returned and met Robert Sugden – who was engaged to Chrissie White. The pair shared a kiss, and before long, were embroiled in a steamy affair!

Robert’s ex, Katie Sugden, discovered what they were up to, and tried to prove Robert was gay. When Robert found out, he confronted her – leading to him shoving Katie and accidentally killing her.

Aaron helped Robert cover up her death, but the guilt led him to self harm again. When Robert was later shot, Aaron was the main suspect for the attempted murder. But the real culprit was later revealed to be Ross Barton.

Robert proved how much he really cared for Aaron, when he stood by him after he accused his dad Gordon of sexually abusing him. Robert eventually proposed to Aaron – just as their car crashed off the road and into a water-filled quarry.

Why did Aaron Dingle go to jail?

Aaron accepted Robert’s proposal, but later ended up getting arrested for beating up Kasim Sabet. He and Robert had an impromptu wedding ceremony in the Woolpack, before Aaron was sentenced to 12 months in prison.

Aaron had a terrible time behind bars, thanks to the other inmates bullying him over his sexuality. As the attacks turned physical, Aaron began taking drugs to cope.

Soon Aaron was not only hooked on drugs, but he was delivering them for prison thug Jason, too. Luckily his family launched an appeal against his conviction, and he was released before the end of his sentence.

While Aaron was inside, Robert had a one-night stand with Rebecca White – resulting in her getting pregnant. The infidelity led to a temporary split, but ‘Robron’ eventually got back together, and Aaron even accepted Robert’s son Seb into the family.

In 2018, Robert and Aaron tied the knot properly, and became a family with Liv and Seb. They were devastated when Rebecca moved away and took Seb with her, and the happy couple vowed to find a surrogate to have a child of their own.

Why did Aaron Dingle’s sister Liv Flaherty move to the village?

Aaron is always there for Liv when she needs him (Credit: ITV)

In 2015, Aaron admitted that his dad Gordon had sexually abused him as child, and eventually reported him to the police.

He went to visit his stepmother Sandra, and pleaded with her to back up his claim. At first, his half-sister Liv didn’t believe that their father could be capable of such a terrible crime.

But when Sandra eventually gave a statement to the police, confirming that she’d known about the abuse all along, Liv was devastated – and went to stay with Aaron in the village.

After Gordon was found guilty and sentenced to 18 years in jail, Liv refused to go home, and instead moved into the Woolpack. And when her dad later took his own life in prison, she and Aaron attended his funeral together.

Aaron has looked out for Liv ever since, and she now lives with him and Robert. Aaron has tried desperately to keep his little sister on the straight and narrow, and she’s fully supportive of his and Robert’s bid to become parents.

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A classic quote from Aaron Dingle

Aaron’s love for Robert is clear for all to see (Credit: ITV)

Aaron doesn’t exactly have a way with words – but when he shared his impromptu wedding vows with Robert, hearts melted up and down the country.

“I, Aaron Dingle, take you, Robert Jacob Sugden, to be my wedded husband. I can’t really think of anything else to say, I’m sorry, I’m rubbish at this. But, you know…

“I never had this with anyone before. I never thought I’d have this with anyone, I never thought I’d have it with you. and now I’ve gone and messed it all up.

“I promise to be better as well, to trust you, to never let you down ever again. I promise I’m going to be the best husband that I can be.”

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