6 HUGE Emmerdale SPOILERS for next week including the death of Annie Sugden

There will be tears!

Emmerdale spoilers for next week see Belle and Jamie go public with their relationship… and the death of Annie Sugden.

Meanwhile, Paul’s got a plan to win Mandy back.

Here are six spoilers from next week’s episodes.

Emmerdale SPOILERS

1. Jamie and Belle go public

Belle leaves the Dingle family shocked when she reveals she’s in a relationship with Jamie.

Lydia is surprised and wonders if Belle is doing the right thing.

Belle heads outside to call Zak and tell him her news. What will he say?

Jamie finds Belle to tell her he’s trying to persuade Nate to keep their secret.

Later Nate tells Belle that Jamie has been trying to bribe him into staying quiet, and Belle is fuming.

Belle tells Jamie he’s made things worse and he admits she now needs to be the one to talk Nate round.

But can she do it?

2. Tracy is suspicious of Nate and Belle

Tracy puts pressure on Nate to find a job. He later reveals he’s managed to get his job back at Wylie’s.

Later, Tracy is surprised to see tension between Belle and Jamie and asks Nate what is going on between the pair.

He covers for the couple, but will Tracy work out Nate is hiding something?

3. Moira struggles 

Moira is still struggling since her hit and run accident and Belle feels guilty seeing Moira in a bad way.

Will she be forced to come clean about Jamie’s involvement?

4. Victoria gets bad news about Annie 

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Marlon and Bob are on a mission to get Victoria and Luke together. But their plans are thwarted when Victoria gets bad news.

Victoria reveals her grandmother, Annie, has died. Hearing the news, Marlon feels awful for her.

5. Paul tries to win Mandy back

Vinny hits a nerve when he suggests Mandy still has feelings for Paul.

Later when Vinny reveals to Paul that he has a crush on Liv. Paul comes up with a plan to win Mandy’s affections.

Paul uses Vinny’s crush on Liv to his advantage by planning a romantic meal for the pair.

But Mandy is fuming when she hears Liv has cancelled at the last moment.

6. Mandy confronts Liv

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Mandy later sees Liv and confronts her about cancelling her date with Vinny.

But Mandy is shocked by Liv’s response. What has Paul been up to?

Emmerdale airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7pm on ITV.

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