5 things Emmerdale needs to spice up the show

The ITV soap needs an injection of these five things

It’s no secret that Emmerdale is struggling at the moment.

After a stunning first half of the year, the summer has proven to be a dull disappointment so here’s what we think the soap needs to get back to its best.


Admittedly Emmerdale has never exactly been known for its humour – but it really does need to inject something into the misery happening at the moment.

If people aren’t being attacked then they’re drowning in debt, or facing a death sentence in front of their nearest and dearest.

It’s all very dark and depressing at the moment and that needs to change with some funny and uplifting scenes to stop everything seeming so hopeless.

Emmerdale the wedding reception is ruined by Chas and Charity's fighting
Is it time for a Dingle cull? (Credit: ITV)

Dead Dingles

In recent years the clan has gone from a pretty standard family tree – to a giant great whopping forest with branches all over the shop.

It seems like half the village are Dingles – and that’s far too many.

We need a great big disaster that wipes some of the more useless ones out so we can start afresh.

Meena enters the courtroom in Emmerdale thrilled to be in the spotlight
Come back Meena, all is forgiven (Credit: ITV)

New villain

If Meena Jutla taught us anything – it’s that serial killers are fun and really do spice up a show.

Yes, people get killed – but really does anyone even remember Andrea and the other two? Hardly great losses.

The joy of Meena was that she came out of nowhere and burned brightly.

It’s not too much to ask that bosses recreate that, is it? Or bring her back…

Kim Tate

It’s no secret that Emmerdale’s biggest asset is Kim Tate.

But watching her plan a wedding isn’t exactly scintillating viewing, is it?

And while it’s very nice that they’ve humanised her somewhat, Kim is in desperate need of an enemy worthy of her attentions.

Time to bring one of them to the village and see what she’s made of.

Chas and Al kiss Emmerdale
This is not the affair we need (Credit: ITV)

A fun affair!

Don’t get us wrong – affairs are bad, cruel, evil etc etc but they aren’t half fun to watch.

Unless of course they’re between the village’s grieving harridan and the amoral man who literally ruined her life.

Forget Chas and Al, what Emmerdale needs is two people drawn together with surprising passion.

Remember the early days of Robron – when Robert and Aaron couldn’t hold back their own feelings? That was good to watch.

And we need that now. So Mackenzie and Marcus – over to you!

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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