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5 questions in Emmerdale that have never been answered

The show needs to give us answers

Emmerdale is developing a nasty habit of asking questions – and then never, ever answering them.

The ITV soap used to reliably tease something and then give us all a big pay off for the reveal – but now it’s like a never-ending whodunnit.

Here are five big questions we need answers to.

Emmerdale viewers never saw Andrea's dead body (Credit: ITV)
Emmerdale viewers never saw Andrea’s dead body (Credit: ITV)

Is Andrea really dead?

In soap terms – no body means no death.

Viewers didn’t see Andrea die either – just sort of lay down in some smoke after deciding some maize plants were an impenetrable barrier no-one could possibly get through.

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For that reason she probably deserved to die – but fans are sure she’s not dead.

Although, despite dropping hint after hint she didn’t perish, the soap just won’t properly confirm it – no matter how hard they beg.

Will Chloe get pregnant in Emmerdale? (Credit: ITV)
Who is Chloe’s dad in Emmerdale? (Credit: ITV)

Who is Chloe’s dad?

When a new character is introduced to Emmerdale, they usually come with a bit of intrigue and a storyline.

But not our Chloe! She had the intrigue about who her big evil gangster dad is – but completely lacked the storyline explaining it.

He was so horrible he had her watched 24/7 by a security team until she told him she didn’t like it – and then apparently he just chucked her out from prison.

Would it kill the soap to explain their storylines?

Kerry got away with killing a man in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)
Kerry got away with killing a man in Emmerdale (Credit: ITV)

Why did Kerry get away with murder?!

Emmerdale isn’t exactly known for having just storylines – or even palatable characters.

So it should have come as no surprise that Kerry Wyatt – awfulness personified – stole from the factory, burned it down to cover the theft up, and killed Frank Clayton in the process.

And the fact that she then framed him for the theft and got away with his murder was just par for the course.

Kerry should be in prison. The soap gods usually demand justice – but it looks like they really don’t care about such an awful character.

Will Robert be freed?

Emmerdale bosses went to a LOT of trouble to put Robert Sugden in prison for many many years for Lee Posner’s killing.

It seemed designed to force Robron fans to move on and realise he isn’t getting out.

And then months later they changed their minds, decided Luke was actually to blame and that Robert was innocent.

Then nothing. Robert apparently prefers prison.

emmerdale adam barton
Where is Adam Barton in the world? (Credit: ITV)

Where is Adam?

Is he in Florida? Is he in France? Does anyone really care anymore?

When Moira Dingle let her son take the blame for the murder she committed, it signalled a change in the family.

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She was willing to let her son go to prison – and then on the run – forever, just so she could milk a few cows now and again.

Viewers will probably never find out where Adam is now.

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