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5 Holby City characters who should move to Casualty

There have been crossovers before and it's time for some more permanent moves

The news of Holby City being axed has understandably left fans devastated.

But with a history of crossovers with sister show Casualty, there’s never been a better time to be a Holby character in need of a move.

Here are five Holby stalwarts who should make the jump before it all comes to an end…


Fletch should return to where he started in Casualty (Credit: BBC)

Who better to appear in Casualty than a Holby City character who began life in the emergency department?

Hugely popular Fletch began his time in the hospital working as a staff nurse under Charlie Fairclough.

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An affair, a gambling addiction and taking the blame for someone else’s mistake and just two years into his time on Casualty, Fletch was off to Holby.

He’s since soared up the ranks at the hospital and now he’s the director of nursing – something Casualty probably needs.

Jac Naylor

Scary doctor Jac Naylor – the blunt scalpel, the misery before your first coffee of the day or the stubbing of your toe on those swinging doors, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Recently returned to Holby with a death sentence over her head, she revealed to Hanssen she has a brain tumour and might be dying. Eli’s stent research is her only hope, but life-saving storylines have happened before.

She’s brilliant and formidable – and frankly should be in Casualty to remind half of them that they’re lucky she isn’t.

Connie Beauchamp

connie on casualty
Connie has been a Holby General stalwart for years (Credit: BBC)

Poor Connie Beauchamp.

She’s been put through the wringer since making her debut in Holby in 2004.

Her dad’s Alzheimer’s, her husband betrayed her, affairs and even a helicopter crash all conspired to see her make the switch to the much calmer Casualty.

But in 2019 actress Amanda Mealing announced she was leaving both shows for a hiatus.

And with the news Holby’s being axed, she definitely needs to return to Casualty to sprinkle some of her terrifying might around once more.

Eli Ebrahimi

Davood deserves a chance to make something of Eli Ebrahimi (Credit: BBC)

Some Holby City characters have been there since day dot – but not Eli.

He’s only just arrived with former EastEnders star Davood Ghadami playing the heart surgeon.

Eli made his debut in July 2021 – and has barely had chance to make an impact.

If anyone deserves the chance to flesh out their character then it’s Davood.

Plus Casualty is in need of a hunky doctor or two to brighten the place up.

Dominic Copeland

Dom is a popular face in Holby (Credit: BBC)

Since arriving in 2013, Dom has found himself making enemies left and right – but also friends and allies.

He’s been put through hell in an abusive relationship with evil Isaac that left him addicted to steroids.

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Moving on from that he had a doomed marriage to Lofty and discovered his adopted mum was none other than colleague Ange.

It’s been quite a journey for Dom and he’s come out of it stronger than ever.

Strong enough to work in the ED perhaps…

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