Jennifer Metcalfe reveals future of Hollyoaks pub The Dog In The Pond

Mercedes luck is about to change

Jennifer Metcalfe has revealed The Dog In The Pond’s future after Russ Owen’s death on Hollyoaks.

The 36-year-old has revealed that Mercedes McQueen’s luck could be changing as she will get to keep the pub after Russ (Stuart Manning) handed it over to his wife before his death.

Hollyoaks star Stuart Manning didn’t want to be killed off
Russ was killed on the day of his wedding to Mercedes (Credit: Channel 4)

The brunette beauty told The Sun newspaper: “[The McQueens] get the pub. It’d be a shame to take the pub back off them, especially with that mural.”

While Jennifer has hinted at more drama for The Dog, she explained the change in ownership will be a good thing for the village.

She added: “They’re so lively in it, the Nightingales were amazing but this is just something completely different.

“[It’s] good for all the businesses in Hollyoaks just to mix it up now and again… but not The Hutch, you can’t take that off Hutchinson,”

Mercedes McQueen
The mural of Mercedes in The Dog In The Pond (Credit: Channel 4)

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Jennifer suggested that multi-millionaire Russ may not have left Mercedes as much money as she was hoping for.

She teased: “I think she thinks she’s going to get it but she doesn’t get quite as much as she thinks. He just knew what Mercedes was like.”

Jennifer has been playing Mercedes McQueen since 2006, and the character is notorious for her numerous relationships and affairs and her provocative behaviour.

Jennifer has played Mercedes since 2006 (Credit: Channel 4)

Read More: Hollyoaks star Stuart Manning didn’t want to be killed off

The soap star revealed that she loves donning all the leopard print outfits her alter-ego wears – because she is a huge fan of her character’s out there style herself.

Speaking in a Q&A on the Hollyoaks Twitter account, she previously

gushed: “The best part is playing my character is that I get to wear loads of leopard print. I, like Mercedes, love leopard print.”

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