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20 Emmerdale spoilers including death tragedy, secrets exposed and a wedding proposal

Secrets are exposed causing shockwaves throughout the village

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal there’s death tragedy for Dawn, Suzy and Sandra’s secrets are about to be exposed, and Marlon has a wedding proposal for Paddy.

Also, Amelia makes a surprise move against Gabby.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers

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1. Suzy slips up

Suzy is hosting a showcase for Take A Vow and The HOP and has set up a slideshow.

But she hasn’t realised she has included a photo of Holly Barton on the day she died in there.

When the image flashes up on screen, Moira soon has some questions…

Emmerdale Vanessa looks concerned as Suzy tries to explain herself to upset Moira and Jai
Suzy is forced to confess, but how much will she give away? (Credit: ITV)

2. Moira lashes out

Moira has recognised the dress Holly is wearing in the picture as the one she had on on the day she died.

Desperate for answers, Moira demands an explanation.

Suzy lies her way out of it and furious Moira explodes.

3. Vanessa finds out the truth

Vanessa can see through Suzy’s lies and confronts her.

Suzy recounts the day Holly died and Vanessa is stunned.

But they’re soon interrupted by Moira…

4. Will Suzy come clean?

Moira apologises for the way she reacted.

Vanessa assumes Suzy will now come clean, but she remains silent. She then begs Vanessa to keep her secret.

What will Vanessa do?

Liv looks concerned in Emmerdale as Sandra explains her troubles
Will Sandra’s confession shock Liv? (Credit: ITV)

5. Sandra confesses in Emmerdale spoilers

Sandra finally admits the real reason she’s showed up: she owes a man named Terry £4k.

Liv lets Sandra stay and blocks Terry’s number from her phone.

But is Sandra being entirely honest?

Emmerdale Sandra looks terrified as menacing Terry demands his money
Terry terrifies Sandra (Credit: ITV)

6. Liv pays up

When Terry arrives in the village and threatens Sandra, Liv offers to pay him.

Terry takes her money and it seems he’s gone.

Liv’s happy to see her mum doing better, but is all as it seems?

Emmerdale Bob and Bernice look at something in worry on Sandra's phone
How will Sandra get on with Bernice in Emmerdale spoilers? (Credit: ITV)

7. Sandra gets a job

Set on staying around Sandra agrees to get a job.

Mandy offers her work at the salon, but how will Sandra get on with Bernice?

Emmerdale Dawn is worried when she goes back to her friend Jade's house
Dawn goes to her friend’s house (Credit: ITV)

8. Death tragedy for Dawn

Dawn gets upsetting news when she discovers her best friend Beth has died from an overdose.

Billy supports her as she decides to attend the funeral where she bumps into another mate, Jade.

The pair reflect on their past and Dawn agrees to go back to Jade’s house.

Emmerdale Dawn is shocked to find Clemmie
Dawn rescues her best friend Beth’s daughter from a dangerous man (Credit: ITV)

 9. Dawn buys a child

Stunned to find a child at Jade’s place, Dawn is even more shocked to learn Clemmie is Beth’s daughter.

When a dangerous man walks in, Dawn resolves to take Clemmie with her.

She pays money – and her shoes! – and brings Clemmie back to the village.

Billy urges her to call social services, but what will Dawn do?

More Emmerdale spoilers

Emmerdale Nicola goes back to work when Jimmy returns
It’s confession time for Nicola (Credit: ITV)

10. Nicola opens up to Jimmy

Jimmy returns and Nicola avoids talking to him by going back to work at the cafe.

But she knows she has to be honest so reveals the toll the attack has taken on her mental health.

Jimmy is heartbroken by his wife’s suffering.

PC Swirling listens to Nicola talk in Emmerdale
Will PC Swirling be able to help Nicola in Emmerdale spoilers? (Credit: ITV)

11. Nicola tracks her attacker

Wanting to take back control, Nicola shares a video of her attack online appealing for information.

When Nicola then informs PC Swirling of the name of one of the girls who hurt her, will it help her get the closure she needs?

12. Priya’s new struggle

Priya finds it hard watching Suzy’s slideshow featuring images of her before she was burned.

However, she soon bonds with Marlon. Will it help her feel stronger about the future?

Marlon Dingle asks Paddy Kirk to be his best man
Marlon chooses his man (Credit: ITV)

14. Marlon pops the question!

Marlon passes another new milestone and makes a decision.

He asks Paddy to be his best man. Paddy is thrilled and instantly accepts.

Emmerdale Gabby is horrified to get a visiting order from Noah
Gabby is disgusted (Credit: ITV)

15. Gabby gets shock mail in Emmerdale spoilers

When Gabby receives a letter in the post she is sickened by its contents.

It is a visiting order from Noah, which she immediately throws away.

Emmerdale Amelia looks shifty as she steals the visiting order from Noah
Is this really wise, Amelia? (Credit: ITV)

16. Amelia steals Gabby’s identity

Amelia sees the prison order from Noah in the bin and swipes it for herself.

But needing ID to get in, she steals Gabby’s.

Emmerdale Noah is surprised to see Amelia in the prison visiting room
Amelia visits Noah (Credit: ITV)

17. Noah’s stunned

Noah is surprised when Amelia is in the visiting room not Gabby.

As they talk, will he soften towards her?

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18. Laurel fishes

Trying to be cool about it, Laurel asks Rhona when Kit will be coming to see Marlon.

Laurel then plans to make sure she accidentally bumps into him!

Emmerdale Amelia listens as Lydia tries to give her some body confidence
Lydia tries to get through to Amelia in Emmerdale spoilers (Credit: ITV)

19. Lydia helps Amelia

Wanting to help, Lydia gets Amelia to open up to her.

She convinces Amelia she can do better than Noah, but Charles soon manages to convince Amelia otherwise…

Emmerdale Matty is upset
Tough times for Matty (Credit: ITV)

20. Matty struggles

Upset Matt is finding it hard that he wasn’t there for Holly’s death.

Can anyone help him work through his issues?

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