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15 Emmerdale spoilers: Heartbreaking death confession, surprise return and violent showdown

Faith gets devastating news in Emmerdale spoilers

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal Faith gets devastating news and as the family realise she doesn’t have long left, Cain makes a heartbreaking confession.

But will mum and son reconcile before it’s too late?

Meanwhile on the ITV soap, Charles turns violent and Leyla prepares to destroy her marriage to Liam.

Find out everything happening in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

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Emmerdale Charles and Ethan looking shocked
Charles is shocked by Ethan’s news (Credit: ITV)

1. Charles gets shock news

Ethan reveals to Charles his sister Naomi, Charles’s daughter, has gone missing.

Charles feels guilty as he knows his refusal to meet her is the likely cause.

He prays for her safety.

Charles and Naomi in Emmerdale
Naomi doesn’t know who Charles is… yet! (Credit: ITV)

2. Charles tracks down his daughter

Marcus helps find Naomi and discovers a picture of her.

Charles is overcome to see her and decides to find her.

He hits a dead end at first, but soon spots her in a bar.

Charles pointing to someone on the floor in Emmerdale
Not such a kindly vicar in these Emmerdale spoiler pics! (Credit: ITV)

3. Violence as Charles lashes out

Charles sees Naomi arguing with her bar manager.

He jumps in to defend her and sends her boss flying to the floor.

Naomi is shocked as Charles lets slip she’s his daughter. Will she be pleased to see him?

Moira talking to Cain who is sat on the sofa in Emmerdale
Moira feels like she’s beating her head against a brick wall (Credit: ITV)

4. Moira begs Cain to change

As Faith attends her scan while Cain drinks in the Woolpack, Moira is disappointed.

She pleads with him to be there for his mum before it’s too late.

Will she finally get through to him?

Chas and Faith sat in the consultant's room in Emmerdale
Hearts will break as Faith hears the worst possible news (Credit: ITV)

5. Faith gets devastating news

Faith is called to see the oncologist after her scan.

It’s heartbreaking as she’s told the cancer has spread and the chemotherapy isn’t working.

Faith steels herself to make a big decision…

Chas crying as Faith watches in Emmerdale
Chas is distraught by Faith’s decision (Credit: ITV)

6. Faith stops treatment in Emmerdale spoilers

Faith refuses further chemo.

Distraught Chas begs her mum to change her mind, but Faith is resolute and Chas is forced to accept it.

Chas and Al kiss Emmerdale
Chas cannot keep away (Credit: ITV)

7. Chas and Al reignite their flame

Desperate to escape her problems Chas grabs Al for a passionate kiss.

He doesn’t want to take advantage of her.

However, he soon gives in and allows her to use him.

8. Cain in pain

Chas lays into Cain for his apparent indifference to Faith’s news.

However, once he’s alone in a field, it’s clear he’s devastated and hurting.

Moira tries again to get him to open up, but will he listen?

Chas and Cain talking in Emmerdale
Can Chas help Cain? (Credit: ITV)

9. Cain and Chas bond

Chas is stunned when Cain asks to talk privately.

They spend a night soul-searching together and Cain confesses the traumatic memories of his past to his sister.

Chas can see Cain is really hurting and he eventually agrees to make an effort with Faith. But is it too little too late?

10. Faith shares her news

As Chas and Cain are bonding, Faith visits Pollard and Brenda to share her decision.

She opens up to them about her regrets over Cain, but can they help her through this?

More Emmerdale spoilers

Liam holding flowers Emmerdale
Liam is confused over Priya’s admission (Credit: ITV)

11. Liam discovers Leyla’s lies

Liam confronts Leyla over her drinking, but she covers that she was out with Priya.

However, Priya reveals to Liam they were not celebrating together the previous night and Liam knows Leyla lied.

He’s concerned and quizzes her again, but she squirms out of it by saying it’s all to do with grieving for Leanna.

Her story makes Liam more concerned than ever…

Leyla looking at Liam Emmerdale
Is it time for Leyla to come clean? (Credit: ITV)

12. Leyla confesses?

Leyla makes a big decision and decides it’s time to come clean to her husband.

She finds him sleeping on the sofa and places her bags of cocaine on the table in front of him. It looks like she’s about to tell him everything.

But will she go through with it?

David talking to Priya in Emmerdale
What has happened to David? (Credit: ITV)

13. David won’t give up

Priya and Jacob express their opposition to David’s behaviour.

But David is adamant he’s pursuing his insurance claim against Nicola.

It’s clear there’s a flicker of guilt there, though, so will he realise he can’t commit the fraud and make it right?

Matty kicking a chair in Emmerdale
Why is Matty so upset? (Credit: ITV)

14. What’s wrong with Matty in Emmerdale spoilers?

Amy is concerned by Matty’s mood.

She asks Ryan about it, but this only serves to make things worse when word gets back to Matty they’ve been talking behind his back.

Matty snaps and sends a chair flying in a rage.

Moira clearly knows what’s going on, but will she be able to put things right between Matty and Amy?

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Sandra talking to Liv Leyla looking at Liam Emmerdale
Will Liv be pleased to see her? (Credit: ITV)

15. Liv’s mum returns to Emmerdale

Liv is stunned when her mum, Sandra shows up.

Sandra says she wants help with her drinking, but is Liv really the best person to help her out?

And is Sandra telling the truth? Or is there another reason why she’s turned up unannounced?

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