Coronation Street 13 huge spoilers week 4 comp

13 Coronation Street spoilers for next week including an arrest and two confessions

Plus, new couple alert!

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal 13 huge storylines including Tim’s operation.

He’s desperate to repair things with Sally before he goes under the knife, but she’s arrested at the hospital. What’s really going on here?!

Also, Bernie’s got a lot of explaining to do and Craig’s in trouble with the police too, but not as much as Faye‘s about to be…

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

Coronation Street Mon 24 Jan Tim undergoes his operation
Tim goes under (Credit: ITV)

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1. Tim goes under the knife

Tim is desperate to get Sally to forgive him as he waits for his operation in hospital.

He begs Kevin to speak to Sal and make her see he’s sorry and he loves her.

But will she forgive him before he goes under the knife?

Coronation Street Mon 24 Jan Sally is arrested at the hospital
What had Sally done this time? (Credit: ITV)

2. Sally is arrested?

As Tim’s anaesthetic takes hold he hears a commotion in the hallway.

He sees Sally arrested by a police officer.

But when he wakes up from his operation with memories of her arrest, he can’t understand what happened.

Tim soon concludes it was a dream, but was it?

coronation Street Fri 28 Jan Sally throws Tim a 50th birthday party in hospital
The mother-in-law trouble (Credit: ITV)

3. Sally gets a shock

It’s Tim’s 50th birthday and despite him being in hospital, Sally is determined to celebrate.

She blows up balloons and throws him a party, but Elaine doesn’t approve.

Elaine insists Tim needs rest and taking matters into her own hands says she’s going to move in to look after her son.

Sally is stunned, but Tim is thrilled. Will this work?

Coronation Street Mon 24 Jan Dev and Bernie announce they are a couple
Weatherfield’s hottest new couple (Credit: ITV)

4. Dev and Bernie go public

Dev tells Bernie he’d like to treat their families to a meal at Speed Daal and formally tell everyone they’re a couple.

Bernie is thrilled and invites Gemma and Chesney.

At the dinner, Dev takes her hand and announces they’re a couple.

Although Bernie is blissfully happy, she’s worried about her secret being revealed.

Coronation street Wed 26 Jan Bernie denies having anything to do with Joseph's disappearance, but Evelyn calls the police
Coronation Street spoilers reveal Bernie owns up to everything (Credit: ITV)

5. Bernie confesses

Desperate to keep Hope and Joseph quiet, Bernie treats them to sweets and a video game.

But Evelyn finds the game and confiscates it. Bernie admits she bought it with her pay rise from Dev, which angers Evelyn even further as she didn’t get one.

Bernie’s then forced to lie to Dev that she made up the pay rise to stop Chesney feeling bad about her spending money on gifts.

However Evelyn is not convinced and calls the police.

Bernie denies she had anything to do with Joseph’s disappearance, but eventually breaks down and tells them everything.

Both Bernie and Chesney are taken in for police questioning.

Coronation Street Mon 24 Jan Daniel confesses what happened with Summer to Lydia
Daniel is honest, but is it enough? (Credit: ITV)

6. Lydia questions Daniel

Lydia is taken aback when Amy comments both she and Daniel have overturned school suspensions.

Daniel is open and honest when questioned and tells Lydia what happened with Summer.

However, it makes her unsure whether she should pursue anything with him and she confides her worries in Sarah.

Daisy overhears and insists Daniel is a brilliant man and Lydia would be lucky to be with him.

Coronation Street Wed 26 Jan Daniel thanks Daisy and Lydia sees the spark
Daisy wants Daniel (Credit: ITV)

7. Will Daniel and Daisy reunite?

Daniel discovers how Daisy sung his praises and is secretly pleased.

He thanks her for what she said, and she impulsively suggests they go for a drink sometime.

Daniel’s shocked, but Lydia enters before he can answer.

Lydia clocks the spark, but which woman will Daniel choose?

Coronation Street spoilers

8. Craig in trouble with the police

Craig gets a call from the fingerprint expert and has to go to the station immediately.

He soon returns with his tail between his legs: he’s in trouble for wasting police time.

Will he let the crutch search go now?

Coronation Street Mom 24 Jan Carla reminds Jenny she promised Kate a share on Johnny's money
Carla doesn’t hold back with Jenny (Credit: ITV)

9. Carla lashes out at Jenny

Carla reminds Jenny she promised Kate a share of Johnny’s money.

She then accuses Jenny of forgetting all about her family now she has a new toy boy.

Jenny sorts the money and Carla is grateful.

But it doesn’t stop Carla from lashing out again and she tells Jenny her relationship with Leo is inappropriate so soon after Johnny’s death.

Coronation Street Wed 26 Jan Jenny goes to hospital when Leo is in an accident and is shocked to meet his parents
Jenny has already met the parents… (Credit: ITV)

10. Jenny commits to Leo

Despite Carla’s misgivings, Jenny rushes to A&E when she gets a call to say Leo’s been injured playing rugby.

She gets a huge surprise when she gets there and meets his parents…

Jenny takes a big step and invites Leo to move in.

She then cancels his rent when he’s made redundant, much to Daisy’s annoyance.

11. Sally gives up

Sally plays dirty after a compromising picture of her is released and she blames Maria.

But Maria reveals it was another councillor who sent the snap to the Gazette and Sal feels awful.

She tells Tim she’s giving up on politics, but he can’t believe it! Will she follow through?

Coronation Street Wed 26 Jan Emma and Faye think it's a good sign they've released Ted's body for a funeral
It’s too much for Faye (Credit: ITV)

12. Faye confesses

Craig reveals details of Ted’s post mortem to Faye and Emma and they discover the car accident probably triggered the blot clot that killed him.

Faye is shocked when Emma wants to attend Ted’s funeral.

When Craig reveals the police have an e-fit of a girl who visited Ted’s flat and says it looks like Emma, Faye crumbles.

She tells Craig everything, but how will he react?

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13. Max doesn’t consent

Daisy writes a social media post to encourage kids to attend the consent workshhop.

But Daniel informs David that Max didn’t attend.

David shouts at Max and tells him if he misses another one, he’ll have him to answer to.

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