You can now buy a copy of Meghan Markle’s reception dress

If you want to occasion like the Duchess of Sussex, this might be your chance, but there's a catch...

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Meghan Markle’s wedding dress was one thing, but it was her reception dress – you know, the divine floor-sweeping, halter-neck gown, to which Prince Harry’s tuxedo was the perfect accompaniment?

Yeah, that one – that really made us swoon. Needless to say, we’ve been looking for a copy of the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding reception dress ever since.

Designed by acclaimed Brit designer Stella McCartney, it’s effortless elegance, unbeknownst to us at the time, would set the tone for the 36-year-old Duchess’s royal style.

Since she married Prince Harry, Meghan’s wardrobe has featured an expertly curated edit of minimal yet incredibly chic dresses in a palette of blush, nude and ivory – a far cry from the bold hues and vivid prints she previously sported before joining the royal family.

The Duchess been sporting a neutral colour palette since her wedding day last month – Flynet/SplashNews

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And yet, no matter what she’s worn lately, our minds always drift back to the dress she wore in the evening on her wedding day.

Which is likely why Stella McCartney has ceased the opportunity to create a replica of Meghan’s dress which anyone can buy. Anyone at all… if they have a £3,500 to spare.

The dress, which has aptly been named ‘Made with Love’, will consist of just 46 gowns, half of which will be made in Lily White; the other Onyx Black.

To see the dress in real life, you’ll need to make a private appointment with Stella herself, after which you’ll then be invited to come to the designer’s Bond Street store from June 13 for a bespoke fitting.

You can now buy a replica of the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding reception gown… for an eye-watering £3,500 – Flynet/SplashNews

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Perhaps, if you’re in the market for a wedding dress for your big day, you might just be able to justify the £3,500 price tag, but even then you’ll be spending significantly more than your bride-to-be counterparts.

Reportedly, the average amount women spend on their wedding dress in the UK is a cool £1,385.

Now, if your considering remortgaging your home/selling your car/something else drastic in an attempt to raise enough money to meet the £3,500 asking price; we implore you to stop right there.

Flynet - SplashNews
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry head to their wedding reception in a vintage car – Flynet/SplashNews

It’s practically guaranteed that the Great British High Street will offer up a significantly more affordable homage come time, so it’s best to wait it out.

That, or risk your S.O. leaving you when they realise you’ve signed them up for shifts down at the local Tesco to make ends meet…

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